Why is there no lighting?

We know their engine is capable. We see it in the campaign. The editor is also seen with this ability.

So why does every game consist of this top-down, gray overcast lighting? Why does every map have this blueish hue to it, even the desert ones? And why is there constant fog everywhere? I’ve found that medium settings look better, you get less sharp shadows, but you also remove the grayness of clouds that are perpetually passing.

I know the game was released too early, but are they actually not planning on changing this? I can’t see any reasons as to why they wouldn’t fully utilize lighting to make their beautiful buildings properly pop. As of right now, it feels unfinished and it is saddening to not see it be acknowledged whatsoever.


I’ve been asking that question since the first time I saw a lighting difference in the campaigns. There is so much untapped potential in the game’s engine that’s just not utilized. Maybe one day.