Why is there no Pause Button Still

I was just playing a ranked game and my 1 month old daughter started crying. I asked the other player to please pause and he would have… except there is still no pause button almost 1 year after release?

If I am wrong, please comment on what the default button is because the pause key on the keyboard didn’t work and neither did esc.


You’re not wrong, it’s not implemented at all.


Pause indeed need to be added.

People against it should think twice.
This was in the previous AoE games and you’d be surprised people are actually willing to wait.

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What if you need to pee after the game started… holding it in is ridiculous as some games can last more than 1hr!


I remember pause occasionally being abused and causing arguments in previous AOE’s… Wasn’t too uncommon to have a 5 minute pause wait literally a minute into the game.

You deal with pause abuse by allowing both players to unpause the game and a limited number of pauses for each player. You just have to rely on the honour of the other player. The point of a pause button is to allow for short mutually agreeable pauses.


I have always found it more annoying than helpful, particularly in team games. I guess that is just my opinion. I have almost never had a reason to utilize this function, and yet, some people utilize it nearly every game and call you a cheater if you unpause after waiting an unreasonable amount of time. More conflict than benefit in my mind.

Honest question.

Hiow is the Pause handeled in other aoe games. I’m only familiar with the system in starcraft (if it’s still used today).

  • In SC2 you have like 5min per player and both players must agree when the game resumes.
  • And i believe the number of times you can use pause is limited as well.
  • If the timer runs out the game resumes and that player loses the ability to pause.

In AoE3 each player can pause a maximum of 15 times in a match, regardless of length.
Anyone can always unpause the game instantly, to prevent pause abuse.

I think that’s better than the SC2 system described above.

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For me, the best system is a pause request (NOT invasive) and a maximum time per pause of 5 minutes.

I hope they never implement it. I just image the pause abuse in a 4vs4…
It’s OK in custom games with an option to enable it

If they have an issue with people pausing unreasonable in any king of game, that can be an reportable offence that results in temp bans or whatever they decide is appropriate. The abuse part is why the other players should be able to unpause the game rather than only the pausing player. You can just unpauae immediately if they are just griefing rather than needing a legitimate pause.

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A non-invasive “pause request” system can be designed.