Why is there no Spanish Civ and just so few civs in general

This game needs conquistadors and more civs/maps/ & game styles


Agree. But we are at the mercy of microsoft and two civs hopefully a year sadly

Because Microsoft sold the AOEIV franchise to Relic!
Now Relic owns AOEIV.
So they call the big shots.
And this is the result…

yo what?

I didnt know aoe4 was a franchise, u sure it isnt a single game part of a franchise?

Ofc, they developed it.

This argument is emptier than a cookie box on christmas, please explain.

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Eh I know they are having issues, but I don’t think Microsoft would let such an IP suffer like this.

I didnt say AOE, but AOEIV

They make all the decisions.

Didn’t know this but I guess they layed off a bunch of employees. They also said it would be coming to xbox.