Why is there such a big delay between messages in chat?

Nearly 3s delay in loobies and during matches.

Someone told me it was a “bad mouth” prevention from Microsoft Servers, but no Microsoft game I’ve ever played has such a big delay. The units respond faster to my commands than the chat to my messages.
AOE3 is far from being a toxic community and with no microphone support and hotkeys being used at all times me and my buddies really feel they should remove it completely or reduce to 1s at best.

So for real: After 9 months why does this game still has this annoying feature?


yep, this is so annoying. I thought this was because of my slow internet or pc (lol). In general socializing and communicating ingame is so hard. Adding someone as a friend and chatting to them is a joke (chat is deleted everytime you close the window, people are shown as offline, chat window in the game browser is realy hard to find in general)