Why is this game still alive?

I don’t understand the point of keeping this game alive (both devs and community) when after more than 2 years since release, MP games (both ranked/unranked) often perform like this:

Am I missing something?

pink’s PC can’t keep up. what are the devs meant to do about it?


I don’t have a lot of issues with stuff like that, practically ever. Maybe I’m fortunate enough to avoid potato computer players. This should be the rare exception with the game’s built-in benchmark test.

If it isn’t, perhaps you’re out of touch.


Make changes to the game so one player’s bad ping doesn’t ruin the match for everyone else in the lobby.

Maybe I am just unlucky because for me it happens very often. Either way, it shouldn’t happen at all because it’s unfair to other players and ruins matches. Especially in ranked matches like the one above.

Well since the introduction of DE one player can have bad ping while everyone else won’t be affected by that. So ping oftentimes isn’t the reason for lag (unless it’s your ping). That’s because the p2p was replaced by server to client connection.

But I always wondered if there can’t be a solution to lag produced by one player having not good enough pc specs which causes the red clock in the picture above and still affects everyone else.

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There are videos online showing how to “game” the ranked benchmark to have a better score. I remember something like clicking to run benchmark and minimizing the game or put it into windowed mode and sliding it out of the monitor or something similar. Maybe the pink player did something like that, it really is impossible to play vs a player like this. My game runs at a constant 144 fps and when i get matched against a player like this i just pause the game and ask them to fix the lag if possible. One time a guy said he forgot utorrent open or something xD If they can’t fix it i just resign because it’s not worth the hassle. “gg ez lag win”


it’s not ping, it’s PC performance. other player’s ping doesnt’ affect you
there is the benchmark you need to run to play online. but if you then play the game with tons of other things running your PC will struggle.
the only solution to this would be to run the benchmark before every game. is this what you want?

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You are probably right about the cause of this problem. It does look like it’s a performance-related issue rather than a connectivity issue.

What I want is very simple. I want the games that I pay for to work as intended.

Scenarios/mods, fun gameplay, ranked games. Among other things. Many games are fairly stable. Need a good PC and Internet.

As you can see from the video, OP can run the game pretty well and the graphics seem maxed out. The problem is his game lags because someone else can’t run the game properly, and so he is being punished for something that is out of his control.


Fun fact this game is 22 years old.

It appears that you are in the wrong forum. This is not a forum for the original AoE2. This forum is for AoE2:DE, released on November 14th 2019.

That was almost certainly a jab, not an assertion that DE has been out since 1999.

11 so cool!
I wonder how would be 20 years ago 11
That happens in every 4v4 game in post-imp, after 40 min or so
Do you like the animated fog? That and the vignette are the only things that I personally don’t like

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it does, if the people you are playing with have the hardware required. age of empires dev cant be held responsible for potato PCs


This is the true problem with this post. Posting any content online with these default gfx is defamation.


Why, what’s the matter with it?

It makes outsiders think this game is a burry mess. Just look at it.

Grey filter from “map lighting” (complete discoloration on different biomes)
Gray gradient border from “vignette”
Grey blobs in FOW from “animate fog” and unnecessary movement from “animate fog border”
Blurry edges from “depth of field”
Glaring harsh spots from “bloom”
Those completely unnecessary readabillity panels which further create noise on screen.

These are ok as features, but to default them in a competitive game is pure incompetence by the devs.


Of course not. But they are 100% responsible for the fact that one person’s potato PC ruined the game for the other 7 players in the lobby, including me.