Why is this game still alive?

um, no? do you want to have to run a PC perf test before each game? so far you have just complained, but not provided a possible solution


Lmao your argument for bad ping and performance lag is the same xD that made me laugh.

I think the solution would be that to play online people would need to run a performance test once, with fixed settings. Setting everything to low, clicking to start the benchmark and minimizing the game shouldn’t be allowed. Playing in window mode and sliding the game window out of the monitor shouldn’t be allowed either, but it works to give better score.

The game would also figure out the “recommended settings” for the player at this time.
Idk if any of this is possible, just giving some ideas.

Hell there’s even software to screw up the benchmarks: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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What’s wrong with just complaining? I am the consumer after all, not the developer.

I fixed almost all issues with multiplayer by port forwarding. I do think that many player do not port forwarding.