Why is this still allowed after multiple reports

Every game with this guy, always the same. Do in game reports do anything?

He’s trolling you. Don’t feed him if you don’t want to be trolled.

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Actually, This was towards guys on his own team. haha I never talked to him.

But I remember playing a team game in the past with him and he deleted everything because the other teammate was “mining his gold”

He is trolling. Just block him if he upsets you.

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Thanks for your report! We’re taking a look at the account now and will take appropriate action.

In the future, in-game reports are the most helpful. We use those to take a look at the full chat log and each report is reviewed individually. If you also have screenshots, please send them to Support along with your account details and date/time of the match. That information will help us quickly find the correct account.


and will take appropriate action
I wonder what would that be …

I mean yeah sure its right to report them. But the forum rules also say Witch hunting is forbidden no? @ADragon8602

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