Why is visible hotkeys still not an official thing in this game?

Dear Devs,

You guys keep saying “AOE is for everyone”, “we are doing everything for every player” this and that.

Stop with the PR and actually add visible hotkeys as an official feature.

All icons should have their hotkeys displayed on them, even for unit commands.

Each and every update breaks the mods that does this and again a new author starts the same mod over and over, just look at the mod list and see how many hotkey mods are there already, and none of them work now.

Please add this as an option so new and returning players can use this and vets can turn it off so they don’t feel like noobs.

Please consider this.


This sounds cool and i think i already see hotkeys for units and buildings in game. What and were would they display others?

Nm i just realized what you want. A little letter attached to the picture. I guess that could be cool. It would have to change with your own hot keys though. I found the pictures more helpful then the hotkeys when i started out so i dont know what ratio you would want hotkey to picture to be.