Why is win% so strange?

I am currently 220 wins and 212 losses. 50% winrate.

But in the past I have been 1 loss over my win amount and instantly hit 49%.
I have reached 51% once, but I was like 10 wins over my losses.

It is a very small thing, but I think one of the two should be changed, either 51% displaying earlier, or 49% displaying later.

Psychologically, it’s very disheartening to get above 50%, sometimes by quite a bit, see no acknowledgement from the game, but be slapped with a 49% the instant your losses go 1 game above your wins.

Sounds like rounding artifacts. Notably rounding the % down.

220 wins and 212 losses = 50.9%. While 1 more loss than win = around 49.8% from your numbers. Round down by chopping what’s after the point, and there it is