Why it has to be hotkeys , why

Hello awesome people , who work hard on most amazing game

This issue that i am gonna talk about was also a big problem in old AoE II, and i am afraid that its gonna be stuck with us, so please fix this.

Its all about hotkeys and the freedom that we can use any hotkey we want ! At the moment when i try to change some hotkeys (i usually use “alt” for almost every important thing ) , game wont even understand if i am pressing " alt " . Maybe with some hotkeys , it understands if i am pressing alt or not but definitely something is broken with this . Before the last patch, i was able to use "alt " for creating groups and so on , but atm its just not working. And believe me, it always a problem for game to understand if i am pressing “alt” . ( i am sure its not my pc nor my keyboard ) For example , try to create a group by pressing " alt + ^ " and i wanna be able to select that group by pressing " ^ "

This shouldnt be so hard and any kind of improvement this game firstly deserves is HOTKEYS.

Thanks for fixing MOST IMPORTANT issue !

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yea some hotkeys are broken

This issue has been fixed , now game allow all kinds of hotkeys to be used for creating :slight_smile: