Why IU says 100% of value? african civ


on hausa civ, why it says 100%? and still the passive coin rate keeps increasing? the cow is sell and still is 100% of value if the gold accumulates is over 200.

It’s because the cow is fattening.

100% means all of the food in the cow will be converted to wood or coin. But if the food content is increasing, then the coin/wood value will go up till its 500.


when it is at 100% it means the next cow you sell will give maximum value when traded to that resource.

but how is calcaulated?

mixture of how much food is on the cows and how long since you last sold a cow for that resource.

i dont know how long it takes for it to regain value tho.

i dont understand anything
i cannot see the speed, the iu should show speed of recovery