Why join 4v4 then just quit when attacked?

Every game people join then quit even when getting help. Its like if they cant have it perfict then they just quit dooming 3 other players.
If I was to quit when attacked I would lose every game man. iVE HAD MANY GOOD COMEBACK EVEN WHEN 1 PERSON WAS ALMOST LOST.
WTF is with these weak players. Stay the hell out. go quit 1v1 all day plaease



This is inherent to 4on4 games with randoms. It is the same in every RTS game. The skill level is typically much lower. People don’t even realize when an ally is attacked. They have difficulty deviating between who is an ally and who is an enemy.

Yet, they intentionally play 4on4 because at least they get some time to do something. In contrast to 1on1 where they will get feudal pushed and thus get less far than they get in 4on4, where often they can at least build a base, get to castle and make some army.

But as mentioned; they can’t assess the game. If they get pushed, or not, they have no clue how desperate the situation really is or isn’t. They can make a completely wrong conclusion and be oblivious to them on why that is so wrong. I agree it annoying but you can’t blame people for being worse than you are. Imagine people who are worse should quite the game but you are beastyqt. Would be a lonely world then, right?


I never have an army bult up so that’s why I do it sometimes

Well, I never quit when I get attacked except in one situation, when I see the whole enemy team coordined to attack me and no one of my team is helping.

Maybe they will send a few soldiers, but then you check the farthest guy booming while you are about to get eliminated in feudal, and I quit, because it will be a totally waste of time.

I don’t play to give fun to the others attacking me or booming in peace. If I am not getting fun then bye bye.

some quit if you ask them not to ping on every action.
they see the boar - ping, deer - ping, enemy-ping, teammate’s idle villager - ping.
dark age… they do everything except playing themselves.

anyway, as you can see in answers, the only solution is ranked… but is it possible, when game is ded. - is a question.

in 90% of cases, people like you wall in and send 5 pikes to help…which do nothing… bu you think that it “help”.

where is no “booming in aoe4”, adding second TC is not booming.

You seem to know me a lot, wow.


  1. I never build walls in my base
  2. I ever help others, in other case I would be playing 1v1

Have a good day.

I have encountered a mod that if a player leave, AI take place of him. I hope one day dev implement it ufficially