Why? Just WHY? Mods

I officially gave up on AoE 3 DE, and it seems the mod makers share this frustration.
NONE of the population etc. mods seem to work…and I get sick and tired of the low pop level.
Even the ones that were updated this month.
Don´t the devs play with mods? If they did, they would know that every patch is ruining the majority of the mods and come up with a solution.
I can fully understand the mod makers. If my mod would be broken with every patch, I would stop supporting this game as well…

My apologies for this rant, but the last drop that spilled the bucket just hit.

You can’t even play multiplayer with any mods enabled. Why I have no idea. Unlike AOE2 DE, where it is no problem to play with mods that do not affect the gameplay. I tried to play with only the mod that replaces the native civ names with the old names and I can’t play online even with a simple mod like that. Since I only play multiplayer, effectively mods for AOE3 DE do not exist.