Why making complete African architectures and unit rosters just for one scenario?

That does not seem to make any sense for me unless they’re adding new civs or even minor civs.

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There is some speculation that African civs will be coming to the game in the future, but nothing has been announced yet.


I would love some African civs and maps. I’m guessing it’ll be the Zulus or Songhai or something like that. I’d also bet we’ll see a new Asian civ as well given all the maps. Maybe Siam or Korea?


I would love to play as the Ethiopian Empire, but since the Italians are not portrayed (yet ?! ) I guess it could work against the Ottomans and the Brits.

I really hope that the rumors of an Africa themed expansion are real. The African continent has many interesting settings for new maps and campaigns.
As for the new civilizations, assuming they keep up with the previous expansions and add 3 new majors, I think that Ethiopia, the Zulu and the Mali/Songhai would be the most sensible choices. Alternatively, Egypt could be promoted to major civilization, the Moroccans or the Kongo Kingdom would also make good majors… And if the devs want to sneak another European civ in, this can be an opportunity to add the Italians to the game.