Why Missionary cannot pick Relic?

Don’t you think it’s unfair being a unique unit?

Monk = Heal Convert Relic

Warrior Priest = Heal Attack Relic Speedier Stronger

Missionary = Heal Convert Speedier

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cause no pocket on the pants

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Didn’t quite understand, is that a proverb?

Moving at 1.1 and carrying relics sounds pretty scary because you can just grab far relics long before enemy monks could get there. Even cavalry will struggle a little as you could buy time for spears to scare the light cav off


Killing and taking the relic sounds even more scarier (Warrior Priest). Not to mention they are also fast (movement and creation)

Having missionary able to carry relics is like having paladin but it’s range unit (Imagine cavalry archer but paladin’s stats with range melee attack). You will never reach him with small numbers of units.

Pretty busted.

Killing the missionary who carries relics doesn’t matter if opponents can protect the fast speed donkey when it reunites with main army. It’s broken for unnecessary reason.

Combat monks on the other hands are slow enough to catch up. Sure they nail the noncombat monks, but are also vulnerable when you send them alone for relics.

Sometimes speed plays a better role than engaging the enemy.

This is nothing compared to what warrior priests can do. They are not vulnerable. A group of them can easily fend themselves.

Because he’d have to hop off the donkey to pick it up, and also because the size of the relic would look really weird on a mounted unit. Also because it’d be OP.


Missionaries are useless. They heal slow, are expensive. I would rather garrison my units in to heal.

usually early made units are less powerful. most game evolves like that. there was a recent buff with conversion range but until more people use it to explore its actual capability they might not buff it again.

I doubt about nothingness.

A missionary which is able to carry relics are even faster than battle priest (the combat monk since I kinda not fond with the term yet) is even more atrocious than battle priest is faster than monks.

Admitting a group of battle priests is worrisome, but they are also a somewhat a replacement for militia-line. Depending on situation, a group would still get demolished by formation of archer-line compared to a missionary who can outrun archers on foot.

I’m not saying battle priest is scarier, but thinking missionary carrying relics would be gameplay balance issues.

Missionary may need buff, but they never should have get the ability to carry relics without some nerfs. Missionary is somehow complement well with conquistadors hit and run. They are just less viable in mass units since monk-line requires too much micro tasks.

Easiest solution to that would be if Missionary carries relic it will receive small speed penalty such as -10% or more if needed. Since game treats carrying relic monk or missionary anyway as different unit it would be hard to do it for devs to just adjust speed for that.


Next combo for a unit attack convert relic,basically the jedi/sith from swgb.

Missionaries are fine, they don’t need any buffs. They move very fast, and with Unique Tech will convert your units fast too. And because the UT also gives them more range, I’d say they barely have lower range than Monks as well. So you can ambush convert enemy units with them and then run away once the enemy reacts.

No way should they be able to carry relics. Warrior Priest cannot convert enemy units, so they need to be able to carry Relics as otherwise they’re just stat sponges with a Monk weakness.