Why no Culverins for Delhi?

Can someone tell me why Delhi dont get Culverins? Its a great siege counter late game and a must versus springald blobs… The Culverin also doesn’t feel OP as the springald due to its high cost.

I feel Delhi gets boned in siege combat late game. Why doesnt Delhi get some range upgrades for the bombards?

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Because culverins is the best unit in the endgame you can have as a siege. Also Delhi is kinda supposed to not be extremely strong at age 4 because of all free upgrades it gets at that point already.

Culverins are not the best unit late game. They help counter siege, can damage single units, are slow moving and expensive.

I dont think they should not get culvarins because they get free tech.

With how strong siege is every civ should get culverin, culverin should also get a range increase and damage resistance against other siege, sometimes it feels culverin dont even counter siege.

Exactly, culvarins also dont feel as OP as springalds due to there high cost. Losing 1 is costly.

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Except they are. Postimp games are always going like this: mass infantry/bows left from prev stage <<< Mangonels <<< Castle <<< Trebs/Bombards <<< Springalds <<< Culverins. Assuming more or less sufficient micro for both players, once you are unable to comply to one of the steps, you start losing. Culverins take out springalds and all other siege, making your castles unobstructed, hence enemy unable to go further, therefore they are the best postimp unit.

Yep, doesnt even seem culverins outrange them, if they do its by little

Culverins 1-Shot Springalds and i believe Mangonels also and therefore nullify them completly in Imp.

Only i think that Culverins suck against high number of Bombards, not sure if Bombards 1 Shot Springalds also with or without Gunpowder. Thats also when the Chinese becomes unstopable if he reaches the point where he has all his unique techs and just 4 bombards outranging all and everything.

Bombards should do less damage against Siege and be more for Buildings only.

English dont get Culverins either iirc.