Why no GP and Deccan?

Were Great Plains and Deccan just removed from Quicksearch Standard maps because people were tired of them? It seems odd to remove what were largely the two most popular maps in original game. Are they really less balanced than say, Ozarks when it comes to hunts? Personally I would take GP over Ozarks any day. And then we have maps like Mongolia that are pretty much free wins for teams with a scout like French and Dutch who can just grab all of the cows. Deccan actually gives teams like Port and China a chance.

Give us back the good maps! Get rid of trash like Ozarks.


It’s very clear GP and Deccan were the most played maps in aoe3.

The devs seem to be trying to develop a different type of meta, which wasn’t asked for, we liked it the way it was. Personally I I hope the devs let us have seperate ranks for custom, so we can play the way we want but honestly at this point I strongly doubt it.

I’m partially to blame for pushing so hard and probably alienating the devs against implementing ranked custom games.

The other thing to remember is every game designer wants to leave their ‘mark’ on a game, to keep things the same is something I suspect they wouldn’t have found very enticing.

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Oh god please no more GP. It was literally impossible to find a game in vanilla not on that cursed map.


It was literally impossible to find a game in vanilla not on that cursed map.

Have you considered that maybe we as a community like it?

What is with people trying to dictate how we enjoy this game?Just let us play the way we want and you guys can go play ‘comeptitive’ quicksearch age 2 rush games on repeat.

I think the reason you guys are against it is because you know Deccan/GP/NE/Ozarks would become the main maps again and you know unless you force people into quicksearch ‘competitive maps’, they’ll opt for something more fun.

Kinda aids thing to do to be honest but whatever… Oh and inb4 ‘just play custom bro’, we can’t. You don’t gain MMR in custom so we can’t get fair teams, plus we can’t search by rank in the lobbies(which makes finding a game tedious).

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I’m actually talking about including these maps in Standard maps though, to be included in Quicksearch, as it was in the original game. In my opinion, there is nothing about these maps that makes them unfit for Standard maps. I just miss seeing them in the rotation - I’m not saying we have to play “only GP” again.

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The fact that GP was the only played map on vanilla is evidence that there is a large population of people that like it. We don’t have to go back to playing only GP, but you could at least throw those people a bone and include it in the standard maps. It may only get played 1/15 times, but that would be something.

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Or people just play strong tp civs and hope they get the first pass on the middle tp every game. You could argue that GP is standard (dekkan certainly is not) but it’s certainly not balanced as that middle tp first pass is so powerful.

The problem with that logic is that there are other maps that have three TPs with one in center, for example Ozarks and Kamchatka. What makes those maps fair for strong tp civs but not GP? I really feel like it is more the devs trying to appease people who were all about the fan patch when that was actually a minority of players.

Additionally, some civs are stronger on water maps. For example, Port and Brit. Yet do we say “no water at all for standard maps”? And then maps with choke points strongly favor India when they just pop Agra right in the lane. Mongolia strongly favors french with scout that can take all of the cows. There are always advantages and perfect balance is impossible.

Just because a map has 3 tps is besides the point. It’s because you can get the first pass on GP and it gives you your first shipment so much earlier than your opponent compared to the other maps. Just ask Greatscythe why he resigns when he misses the first pass.

No you balance the resources between water and land so water isn’t too OP and there are other options.

I agree. GP is one of the best balanced maps in game. In vanilla, TAD. And tournaments, GP was the most requested map.

If the devs want to make us play other maps, they need to balance them first

I just wished we get new maps. I like playing on huge maps so if there is a huge version of the current maps will be great.

This topic reminds me the memory of the days in Vanilla.

I also missed old American maps like Texas, Carolina, Rockies, Bayou, Great Lakes, Sonora and Yucatan. It seems that I haven’t played these old maps since the release of TAD, and don’t understand why they are removed from ranked maps. If these maps are not good enough, why keep wasting but not to improve it?

I wouldn’t mind the new maps if they had more hunts and mines spread out over the map, but they are far too empty in natural resources. if they did a resource pass id be fine not having those two in the rotation.

All the new maps have better resources than the legacy maps.

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These were all ranked maps on TAD.

I wish the devs were keen on having all the maps touched up but they aren’t… even by free labour.

All of the new maps were designed specifically with better resource balance in mind; that is the main reason those maps even exist in the first place. They were used for years in many competitive tournaments, in favor of the old maps with worse resource balance.

just started a few standard map games, and your right there are more resources then I remembered around the map. it feels like there aren’t enough and get consumed too quickly though.

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There’s never enough! 21

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