Why not give other civs no lumber or mining camp drop off bonus?

Since this is a topic for buffs similar to Khmer’s features, then for fun I say how about a unique tech allowing Villagers to garrison in Mining Camps and ungarrison at any other Mining Camp the player controls, effectively “teleporting” Villagers between Mining Camps 11.

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I was talking in dark/feudal/castle, you can do it and by the time the enemy has spies you have keep gathering resources and boomed.

200w plus more efficient lumberjacks. Not even japs or Celts are that good.

It would be constantly used for OP Trush strategies.

yeah that makes me alittle nervous. trush your opponent and then start mining his resources.

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Good points.

How about allowing lumberjacks to deposit up 2 tiles away? So, in dark age there is a small efficiency boost because the initial lumberjacks don’t need to walk half a tile or so. Over time, the efficiency increases up to a point. After that, refreshing lumbercamps is still necessary. This also means you don’t need to change the way you play for this civ, because existing camp refresh practices doesn’t completely negate the bonus. But the civ is more forgiving when you need to save a little wood or you forget to refresh the camp.

The technique of still needing a drop-off point nearby could be applied to the Khmer farm. That is, placing a farm in the middle of nowhere would no longer work. But, placing a farm several tiles away would provide the full bonus.

Same thing with gold/stone. It means the dumb villager who goes to the opposite side of the stone pile can still deposit immediately. But, when those piles run out they will still need a new mining camp to be built at the next set of piles.


Why don’t just increase their carry capacity for wood? And for stone it would still however be a huge buff.

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Instead, i would give free stone mining upgrades to one civ. Currently there is no civ with such bonus, but other civs have free farms, lumberjack and gold mining upgrades. Even free handcart for vikings. The only free eco upgrades without civ are the stone and fish related ones.


Indians have fish bonus

The devs could make it only viable to cut trees without a lumber camp so many tiles from one of your TCs. That way you can’t chop trees in the corner. That solves that problem. Also there isn’t a proximity related bonus in the game. It would be novel.

Like I said make them chop more inefficiently to offset having to move. Make it the efficiency of a villager chopping 1 or 2 tiles away. So your lumberjacks are worse than all other civs unless they never refresh a lumber camp.

Why would i want that bonus then? it’s literally inferior.

a bonus where you’re literally gimping yourself compared to people playing well is not a bonus.

Because you save a couple thousand wood on lumber camps if the game goes long. 1 tile will be inferior only some of the time. Most of the time it will be better or equal because players don’t refresh lumber camps every 1 tile distance or they are spending way too much wood on lumber camps. In imperial age, the bonus will be much better because there’s a lot more to focus on than lumber camp refreshing.

The only time it will be noticeably inferior is at the very start of the game in dark age but having a strong eco bonus from minute 1 is probably too strong. Most eco bonuses start in feudal age anyway. Plus the wood you don’t cut from “inefficient” lumber jacks is replaced by the 200 wood you save from lumber camps.

The devs could make it only viable to cut trees without a lumber camp so many tiles from one of your TCs. That way you can’t chop trees in the corner without having a TC close or using a lumber camp. That solves that problem. Also there isn’t a proximity related bonus in the game. It would be novel.

15- 20 tiles seems reasonable.

That is a good idea for a bonus. Makes for less bumping because they don’t all have to go to one spot and a 3 tile walk now only becomes a 1 tile walk.

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I get what you mean and that’s why I proposed it only works 15-20 tiles from your TC or you need a lumber camp. That way you can’t cut trees wherever without investing resources.

you guys don’t understand at all.

we need to buff all civs except khmer to have town center generate resource 10x of that Feitoria and have 20 tiles vision on all villagers at the speed of scout, give them +20 attack too so we can fight.

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And koreans have stone bonus. But i meant the eco techs.
No civ has free gillnets or free stone mining

Ahhh well now Vietnamese get gillnets with no wood cost just food.

Then it’s basically the Japanese bonus, with cheap mills, lumber and mining camps they easily save more.

It seem a complicated enough just to balance it, assuming that it possibile to implement it.

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Then sooner or later you would have to build a lumber camp, and since in feudal you have to grab the upgrades too, you would just delay 100/200w.

At that point isn’t more simple to give +100/200 wood more at the start of the game as a bonus? Like the Lithuanians +350f?

Yes, viets have discounts in all eco techs. Even handcart and wheelbarrow (although those dont cost so much wood). I like that bonus a lot because it smooths your eco progression a lot.

Thats the reason i suggest give gillnets are stone mining for free as a civ bonus, if needed.

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It seems complicated to code and also confusing to the player too, how would you deliver all these detailed explanations to the player in a civ screen? Not worth the effort and trouble, on top of not being a good suggestion in the first place anyway.