Why not put a part of the game in open source?

Dev seem overwhelmed by the work load. Perhaps there is people who want to give their time to upgrade the game. If Microsoft share on github(own by microsoft) some part of the game we will able to contribute.
I am thinking about very independant part of the game like the lobby part, hotkey setting, dictonary with all strings of the game(in french translation is as bad as my english).
AOE2 survived thanks to the community of dev, remember of the time of the Forgotten team.
I will be please to help


I’m quite sure there are people who would like to do so. There is even a project on github that aims at creating an open source clone of the Genie Engine. Although I don’t know when or if they will ever finish this project.

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Yeah I brought that up already.

Maybe the game will not be patched anymore after 2022.
If it then has dedicated servers, I guess there will be community made patches (fixes) again.

ms vc has good tools to work with, also some parts like the GUI are open already.


It’s proprietary software, it will never become open source.

  1. I didn’t say that they will ever release the Genie Engine as open source. I just said that there are people out there who try to create an open source clone of it. This was meant as example that there are people out there would like to voluntary contribute to such a project.

  2. Even proprietary software can eventually become open source if the copyright holder wants it to. There are plenty of examples, even software by Microsoft. See PowerShell, for example. And again: This is just a generic statement. I’m not saying that they will release the Genie Engine as open source.

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They will keep the full control on the core part but on others part they don’t really care.
The lobby is full of bug and work not as well as Game Ranger. On game ranger you don’t have all this issue.
Room who doesn’t display
Room who display available slot but have none
You don’t have to refresh to see game or to see the number of people in a room evolve
You can’t swipe from a room to another one in less than a minute

Not going to happen.