Why not test something now we have ingame map voting?

Now that we have ingame map voting (and have for a while now, so people should be used to it), why not try a pool where there are no dev picks, and instead every map in the game is an option, where people get to pick 7 maps. It would be a bit convoluted, but it would be super interesting seeing what the truly most popular maps are in the community, although I can definitely see Arabia/Arena fighting it out. What do people think of this? Also, just another map voting thing, does anyone else which we could actually see the voting counts for each map? Or that there was a way to rank the maps from most popular to least popular?


This idea is brilliant. I really love that. Dev please impletment this


maybe not all maps, but all the ones which have been in ranked before. i think giving 200 options (or however many maps there are now) could be a bit overwhelming


Whilst I like the Idea in general I could see eg Arena being voted out by the Arabia lovers.
So… IDK if it really works as you think.


I think we can start by giving 14 options and vote 7 of them. which arabia and arena will be in the default setting first? so that megarandom and nomad will be fine if they are really popular

That will never happen. You don’t vote out maps

Meaning arena will still get more votes than some othe lr niche. Meaning it will make it into the top 7 even if it’s somehow at the bottom

I think it’s a very good experiment, and worst case we have some odd (unlikely) maps for a couple months. Not the end of the world


I wouldn’t mind if the fixed maps were still fixed (arabia, arena 1v1 and arabia arena balck forest tg) and the rest were subject to voting. We get more maps to chose (5 1v1 and 6 tg) but the familair ones remain as a middle ground.

As a side note I think what would end up happened is the most popular maps of all time are voted in everytime and niche maps not being included. Teamgame map would most likely be:

  • Arabia
  • Arena
  • Black forest
  • Nomad
  • Megarandom
  • Fortress
  • Hideout
  • Oasis
  • Michi? (Unsure of the 9th)

I have experience with this kind of things and this stuff happens yeah.

Maybe interesting but I think we shouldn’t experiment with this. This can lead to a lot of toxicity in the community.

I think the current voting system is fine. I would actually just which there was one more selection from the devs and they would use it to promote “new” or “currently unpopular” maps.

Yes this one is most popular vote in the last ingame map voting. But because developer do not disclose the number of vote, we can’t tell how popular is this map among non-forum player. So it maybe actually most popular one among the history of AOE2


I think this was either a tactical or troll vote.
Do we already have stats how often Michi was actually played?


I think this might be true as a counter to the Arabia thing you mentioned.

Tactical vote to counter Arabia only players, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of these voters were non ranked players

On a similar note, I didn’t even bother voting, because I know Arabia will be in the pool, and I assume the same logic applies to other ranked players, so you get a slew vote because Arabia is an auto pick.

You don’t get 9 votes or however big the pool will be. It will be impossible for there to be enough people that specifically vote in such a manner than arena doesn’t make it

I’m one of the people that says arena is a niche but even I acknowledge it’s not small enough of a niche to not make it into the pool

It’s like saying “you can roll 6 on a die 1000 times in a row” it’s possible, but not in the sense that it should affect your behaviour because the likelihood is too small

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Yes although the current polling if not perfect, I quite like the idea of the editor pick which let player to play some unfavor map (but have potential value and worth to try). Therefore I think it can be serapate into part:

  1. default map like arabia, arena, bf
  2. rest of the 6-7 map will be decided via polling
  3. tricky part is what map will be in the polling pool. I think there would be

4 popular map (nomad, megarandom etc, just rotatetional put 4 of them into the pool
4 editor pick,
4 runner map from last polling (just like what current polling system did, e.g. Lombardy is the 4th popular vote in last polling will be automatically pick in next polling which is what current system did)
2 meme map, like michi and hamburger

In total 14 map and players will vote 7 map

  1. Runestones
  2. Arena
  3. Amazon Tunnel
  4. Black Forest
  5. Mongolia
  6. Crater
  7. Socotra

probably in that order

Michi is awful, please don’t tell me anybody wants it on the ranked ladder. Weird non-standard maps should be unranked only. Nobody wants to waste a ban on Michi

Out of those 7, I would honestly only vote Arena.

Or you could just get rid of the system no one likes anyway and bring it back so you host a lobby for a ranked game with whatever map you want.

I think you meant YOU (and a few others) don’t like.

What we have now is so, so much better than anything we’ve had before (yes way better than Voobly).


I been saying something similar to this for a while on the Steam forums. No dev picks, force the players to choose arena/arabia if they want it.

If they insist on keep developer picks, how about just for ONE voting cycle, just ONE every few months, the developers DON’T pick Arabia/Arena, and also keep it off the list of available maps to vote on. Just to spice things up a little?

Also cool, for just ONE day per month, a Special map is chosen at random, and this is the only map you can play on for this 24 hour period (In ranked). This day would obviously be announced well in advance, and the map chosen would be announced in advance as well, so players can get some practice in if they wanted to in the unranked lobbies.



Or you could just get rid of the system no one likes anyway and bring it back so you host a lobby for a ranked game with whatever map you want.

That would be a dream come true wouldn’t it?

ELO for unranked lobbies, or at the very least keep track of the amount of unranked games played, no ELO, no wins/losses, just a little somethin somethin to gauge a players level of experience. Right now, you could have zero ranked games recorded, but play at an expert level. Unfortuantely theres no way for players with “noob only” lobbies to tell if you’re any good. Which leads to players quitting in frustration.