Why one player performance affecting everyone?

I thought it should be fixed by moving from p2p network to a server-central network?

Why people’s performance still affected by others? I do not see this behavior in in any other server-side game.


Im interested in this explanation also

The game is ran at a certain tick rate, and each computer/client is required to submit their version of the simulation for that tick. If the frame rate is low the computer will fall behind, so to prevent desync the server must slow to accommodate the slowest tick rate.

The benefit of this server implementation is that network latency in it of itself does not affect all players, presumably because the servers can compensate for a fixed or slightly variable delay in forwarding on packets for each player. Low frame rate is different because the player would perpetually fall further and further behind instead of a relatively fixed latency.

Tl;dr— DE’s server implementation works wonders for addressing raw network latency between players (one person being far away doesn’t slow down the game) but because of how Age is fundamentally designed CPU bottlenecks on individual computers slow all other players to prevent the match from perpetually becoming further out of sync.


Thank you for this.

So DE is still using Lockstep model, admittedly Client-Server Lockstep instead of P2P Lockstep, which is a huge upgrade and I could see it’s making big impact.

Although I was hoping it would be moved totally to client-server game when the whole game is only run on the server. I guess that is a pipe dream anyway with a game with many units like AOE, the amount of bandwidth optimization and rewriting the engine will be too much do dealt with. Not sure what is their plan for AOE IV?

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I mean I don’t know how it is possible to fix FPS differences without everybody running on the lowest FPS. Players are playing on basically different game speeds, and if you allow that there will be completely different things happening on each screen, which will defeat the purpose of multiplayer.

A client server is theoritically the solution, but like mentioned practically not feasible. Maybe for tournaments.