Why Playing Teutons is awkward --Especially in Imp

Ah alrighty. Seems however you already got the answer to that.

Having a Siege-realted UT + BBC + Siege Onager, classifies Teutons as a Siege civ by default.


With teutons, you can push with siege onagers, trebuchets, and bombard camnons if you dont like the capped ironclad ram.

But that ram is good enough if you protect it with your melee units. It is harder to snipe.

It is great in Castle Age, only Cumans get a better Ram at that point.

I once suggested to give them siege ram, just to have a civ with full siege tech tree, but just in case they refused to boost etk speed, or update the civ with something like bracer or lc, it was one thing or another, at this point they gave them more speed to etk and you can feel it, i have been using them and it even feels weird to see those guys walking faster than usual, even if was just 0.1, the melee armor for infantry is meh, but for cavalry it is actually worth trying it.

Their weakness is essentially the lack of trash options when running out of gold, their halbs now hold on a little more vs generic halb civs, and the scout well it is still better than korean hussar or japanese/ethiopian/viking lc line, i guess that was an effort from the devs without changing the civ identity of slow but heavy.


We do have Ethiopian for the full siege workshop.

When I was a kid I loved the fact that Teuton scouts would beat Viking LC, and was disappointed they lost to Korean huss. Now my wish came true 11


Yeah my bad it was “just to have another civ” forgot to read it twice 11

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I disagree. FU champions with +6 melee armor is no joke. Mix it with halbs, and a few onagers and you have a quite deadly combo