Why Russians turn into Hungarians? It's really inaccurate historically

Hungary was technically divided by Ottomans and Austrians, so Germans are ok, Austrians speak german, but Russia haven’t controlled any area in Hungary until the second world war. The relationship between Hungary and Russia wasn’t so important. It was really funny to see hungarian flags on russian buildings. In 1849 the russian army helped the austrians against a hungarian rebellion, but they didn’t control any area. If you want to be really accurate historically just remove the hungarian revolution from Russia.

Some thought about civilization name changes:
Haudenosaunee - I have never heard about them, this name hasn’t alternative in my language.
Lakota - A few people heard about them in my country.
Iroquois and Sioux are known by much more people.

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Haudenosaunee is the name the “Iroquois” gave themselves. Its the name of that civilization. Why call them anything else?

Based on your logic, we should call Germany Deutschland in the future.

Yeah, why not? I dont see a problem there.

Give the United States for Russia instead of Hungary, Alaska was russian terrority. It will be more accurate historically.

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also most of united states settlers came from deutschland, so why not give deutschland an american revolution

Well, the change in the names of the natives will not change, there is a whole political and social issue in the background, but the truth is that I do not find a problem with those names now, perhaps in the future they will be better known by their real names .
And about Hungary, you are right, they should be for the Ottomans or the Germans and give the Russians maybe some civilization from Central Asia or maybe Poland, Ukraine or Belarus as an option for revolution, because the Hungarians are not even a Slavic people so that make sense.
Likewise, I am hopeful that in future expansions the mechanic of revolution will be eliminated and all those civilizations can be playable.

i believe hungary and bulgaria were united in a single kingdom

The name of this kingdom was Ottoman Empire. :sweat_smile:

Yes, but there’s a catch: Haudenosaunee is the name they use for themselves, Iroquois is the name others use for them. I’ve seen “Iroquois” has been replaced with “Haudenosaunee” in all characters’ speech, but it’s wrong. For example, when Amelia refers to Nathaniel and the “Haudenosaunee village in which he was grown” it’s correct, because she refers to her own family and people. But, when in “The militia” cutscene of Fire campaign, when the soldier asks “Are you… Iroquois?” it’s wrong replacing it with Haudenosaunee (in the Italian translation the term “Iroquois” has disappeared from that utterance), because he is referring to strangers.

Well, again, I do not see problems with them being called as they call themselves, we should not raise a controversy about this, but rather ask ourselves why other civilizations do not receive the same treatment, such as the Dutch, that name is informal, called netherland or something like that.

The same text, but in Spanish 21
Bueno, nuevamente, no veo problemas con que sean llamadas como ellos se autodenominan, no deberíamos armar polémica por esto, mas bien preguntarnos porque las demás civilizaciones no reciben el mismo trato, como por ejemplo los holandeses, ese nombre es informal, deberían llamarse netherland o algo parecido.

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I live in Canada (Québec to be exact) and they are only refered as iroquois (in museum, on public signalling etc.). This name change is ■■■■■■■■ ony to please first nation-sensitive leftist vegetarian people.

As for the main subject, I think the developper made the wrong choice. You can only play in asia and america. Therefore, it does not make any sense dor a colony in america to say "wait, we are not russian anymore, we rebelled and we are now hungarian. Only nation that rebelled during the time frame of the game and in asia/america of the game should be included.

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This is only a random historical map video based on history books probably:

Here are no Lakota or Haudenosaunee, only Iroquois and Sioux. History book are not accurate enough, ok. Here is also Russian America. Russian really deserve the United States as a revolution choice.

I live in Germany and have heard the name “Haudenosaunee” like 25 years ago in a documenation when I first became interested in the native american tribes - so dont act as if that were anything new nobody ever heard about before. If you havent heard it even as a Canadian, maybe the reason (and the problem) is because you are an ignorant rightwing white supermacist NEET (to keep it on your level of argumentation)? So it got renamed, because people of that nation (afaik the Haudenosaunee have their own passports even in the US up to this day) insisted on it - whats the problem with that? Why NOT please them in that manner? Who looses anything (except for ignorant rightwing white supermacist NEETs)? Dosent hurt at all.


History shouldn’t be over required accurate in the game.

If people from other nations like Japan, want the name changed to Nippon, would you support?

Japan is actually the word Nippon, after many deformations, so it is not exactly the same as Iroquois, a name that has nothing to do with how the people call themselves. Also, Japan, as with many other civs names, is the way that country call themselves internationally, so its not like we gave them a name that they do not associate with.

However, if Japan would plea, lets say the UN, for a change of their official international (English) name, I dont see why the UN would oppose this.

What about Aztecs and Incas?

This doesn’t have nothing to do with an Exonym and Endonym issue

Exonym: Germany
Endonym: Deutschland

There’s no problem with exonyms. The problem is that both Sioux and Iroquois words have probably origins as names of their enemies as insults. It would be calling germans as krauts.

You never heard about Haudenosaunee? It’s hard to remember or spell? Well, nobody would learn if the name isn’t displayed on media. Common guys, you seem very offended by thoose changes.

Back to topic, seems weird to Russia to revolt to Hungary. It was never invaded by Russia in modern times?

Agreed with your first point.

About the second point: there were definitely some liberties taken when assigning Revolutions. Argentina can Revo from Germany, right? even when they were always a Spanish colony.