Why Samouraï bonus against UU don't work against serjent?


Samouraï have a big bonus against UU. How the serjeant avoid this bonus?
Probably dev have forgotten to add the ID of the serjeant to list of ID impact by the bonus of the Samouraï.
Probably many other UU avoid this bonus. Perhaps all new civ have this issue or only unit who aren’t only create in castle? Like huns UU build in stable.

Also there is an anoying bug, when you select random civ. It’s not random at all. I have serie of same civ…

Because they get -50% bonus damage probably.


perhaps it depends of the type of serjeant but in one vs one some serjeant totally destroy samouraï.

What do you mean by some Serjeants destroy Samurai? There is only one type of Serjeant, and it has high armor, and -50% bonus damage.

There is many different serjeant, the one at feodal, at caslte and the elite one. The skin is the same but that’s not the same unit. Like knight and paladin. For the player it’s the same unit but not for the game

Ok, so your talking about the upgrade levels then. That makes more sense.

I think th TO needs to be more specific.
Imo Samurai own Serjeants, I really can’t follow this statement made in the topic.

In MikeEmpires video (from Jan 26 2021) where he pits Serjeants against all UU, the Samurais win after losing only one Samurai.

You can also test it out in a Scenario editor - Serjeant (playing as Sicilians) loses vs Samurai in all ways, post-Imp or Castle age etcetera.


Then how come i got my bottom handed to me a few days ago when i did the First Crusade and my opponent spammed samurais? They completely destroyed all my serjeants. I forgot the bonus vs unique units and also very fast attack. it was a fun loss xD

Also, why do you write it as samouraï? Most people write Samurai instead. Just curious.

I think he is french. Samurai french worl is samouraï

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Ah, that would make sense then.

your just plain wrong and silly. the bonus works fine you just dont have any observational abilities. samurai have +10 vs unique units and sicilains prevent 5 of that so you will see in practice that a samurai will do 5 more damage then advertised by the stats of each unit.

Everyone who play CBA know that Serjeant totally kills samourai. I discover it in the hard way and my team mate isult me because it’s a well know thing like never fight teutonic knight with goth UU.
Perhaps CBA use an unused ID of serjeant. I am please to discover that’s only a bug

What’s CBA? I only play Ranked.

Castle Blood Automatic, a popular mod scenario where everyone starts in an Arena-like position but with only 4 castles, walls, and some towers. The castles produce units automatically depending on your civ, mostly UUs with some rebalancing (Khmer spawn Battle Eles for example). Pretty sure there’s a fandom wiki entry for it if you want to learn more.

However I don’t know why Serjeants would win over Samurais there, since I tested them with scenario editor and both in Castle Age or Imperial age, Samurais win regardless.

And I’d expect Feudal variant to lose to Samurais purely due to stats so…


Maybe because it’s a mod scenario and not an official thing? But i don’t know, i thought it was very strange because at least in Ranked games Samurais win very easily vs Serjeants! But in this particular scenario i have no idea :frowning:

I also try on map editor. I set correctly the both civ
CBA is on aoe2 since a long time ago. I don’t remember on age of king but it was on conqueror and the C version (1.0C or something like this).
There is tournament of CBA.

Maybe serjeants are just produced faster in cba and therefore snowball against samurai?
Maybe it’s because of the bonus damage of samurai vs UUs? (Otherwise Samurai potentially would be totally OP on CBA)
This could be understandable that then the bonus of scilians just leads to the behaviour that serjeants are less affected by the samurai bonus damage than the other UUs and therefore - comparably - perform better against samurai than all the other melee UUs?