WHY SO MANY FOREIGNERS on quick match?

I am on usa east servers, Why can’t I play with people who speak English and are on the usa east server? Seriously sick of the language barrier and getting teammates that don’t chat or help.
Aoe 2 was not like this? Is quickmatch world wide or soemthing? I would rather play with usa noobs than pros from another country but I can’t communicate with them.
What is the point of a Team game if you can’t even talk to your Team!?

It is worldwide, so is AoE2.

Also, the US will have people that do like to speak other languages. It’s not an uncommon thing.




Just play 1v1 if you are that worried.

I had matches with people who only speak French and we still found a way to communicate

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While communication is always nice, you can communicate via the minimap pings pretty decently.

But I do agree why there arent regional servers and allowing us to Opt in and out of which servers we want inlcuded in the Matchmaking.

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But man, northamerica is not the center of planet Earth, what did you expect? a server only for northamerica and servers only for the rest of the world??? its ridiculous… use the minimap pings or study other languages so you can communicate.

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Thank you all for your responses.

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this is what I am talking about.

Isso, lern deutsch :smiley:
Oder chinesisch °-° Oder Japanish °-°