Why some units FEELS slower than their speed?

I have faced issue when some units that have more speed doesn’t “seem” to be as fast as written on them!

This is specially true with, light Cav like: Zamburaq, Lakota cavs, etc
Their written speed is 7.5, but they dont seem to be that fast! when chasing or running from place to place! Some of reason is pathing issues, but apart from it certainly, seems like the real speed is not as good as it is written !

Meanwhile! Fusiliers with 6.5 speed RUN FAST as hell !!!
There are certainly other examples from other civs too!

So is this due to lag on my side !? or this is the actual case!?

If you don’t feel the speed of lakota cav mean you don’t play enough against them.



fought 2 games! against Fusilier spamming Dutch and Sweden

If you only select a single zamburak and run in a straight line it runs real fast. If you select more than that they’ll slow down to wait for other units, they’ll stumble on each other, the first one will slow down to wait for those behind, and those behind will crash into the first one, etc. I hate them. The formation system is completely broken.

What weirds me out the most is that last game I saw a German pikeman with a speed of 6.5, while their Uhlans have a speed of 6.75. That’s pretty ridiculous. What’s even the point of cavalry when infantry will almost outrun them?

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They are slower regardless of other untis are selected together or not!

TRUE! there are so much anomalies where the written speed doesnt justifies the actual speed of unit!

It doesn’t work that way actually. Units of the same type do not slow down to wait for other units. It’s the other way around where the other units have a speed boost to catch up with the army of main units… i.e. the pull trick happens. However this does not happen when those units have a long distance between them, so they move independently without having impact on one or the other’s speeds.

To answer to this, Speed works the same way for both infantry and cavalry and as it is written on the UI. The thing that makes infantry (coyote runners, chimu runner, rodeleros and fusiliers) look like they run fast as ■■■■ is because of the movement animation. They are on foot so they have a different movement animation from the cavalry that rides on horses, camels and elephants (which may appear slow), if you just compare them with a race…say a rodelero vs a hussar, then the hussar would win because it has more speed than the rodelero.

Only things that can slow down a cav units from its respective speed is when they’re being snared, when they are switched to trample mode and when they’re grouped with units that are slower than them (they move in same speed as them.)

RDX, it’s not SUPPOSED to work that way. That’s very different from how it actually behaves. See the other thread about what the author called the dance of death with units getting stuck on themselves, it has plenty of speed-downs from units walking into each other.


No they do not. If zamburaks are grouped together with other zamburaks they do not slow down to wait for them because they have the same speed, they only slow down if they’re grouped with different units which are slower such as infantry. And I saw the thread that you referenced and it has nothing to do with speed or units of same type getting slowed down if they are grouped. It is the attack move command that is bugged, so they start dancing instead of attacking.