Why strelet is not created instanly like musketers when using russian civ?

they have the same training time but only musketers are created instantly

they have the same training time is created individually from Fort or Galleon, on Blockhouse I think because of their greater group of 10 compared to Musketeer 5 prolong their creation.

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strelets are also created instantly what do u mean ? u can train all infantry instantly even grenadiers

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no, why people that dont play russia is replying here?

exactly :smiley: i wonder why do u even chat or made this post then

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how did you make that strelet create instantly? ive sent -40% training card, -25% and pay on church for training them more quickly, and still they take 5 seconds to create, but not musketers they are isntantly.

you using any cheat?

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I have also had this problem. You are not alone

he cheated. Napoleon is on age 1

there is upgrade in the captiol i wont tell u which on exactly u should find it and read it. which means u cant spam instantly before imperial age

there isnt any upgrade on the capitol… ive played russia 10 years, unless its something completely new and very hidden

its from DE just go and check it out

i found nothing. Nothing

dont tell me u play DE since the release and u still dont know about this

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bro, i dont even know what sabotage attack of japanese monk mean. All game info is ultra-hidden always. the iu is very bad

is that option only in post imperial age right? So its not available

now u know how to train them instantly u can give a solution by selecting my post with the screenshot above

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Goddammit, just say it .

The immigrants upgrade now gives a slight speed boost to the training time as well. That’s how you get to make instant strelets.

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that is only on post imperial age as i said. ITs not available for normal games. 10 years playing russia still valid =)

lol what :smiley: ofc its available in normal games u can build capitol as soon as u enter imperial

The two-guys icon (immigrants) it’s available on normal games, that’s the upgrade you need

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but it doesnt appear, you dont reach post imperial age. You reach imperial age