#1 no ranked team games (still to team ranked when over half the player base plays team. sad really)
#2 quitters make it impossible to win if someone drops. (if the Ai took over or remaining player could control the dropped player resource and units mabe it wouldn’t be bad.)
#3 Team maps suck.( Enough said)
#4 Games balance is way out of wack on team games. (I can win making only knight or only seige as China. sad really)(i know hard to balance team games but mabe if the 1 v1 balance wasn’t so bad lol)
#5 player base down so bad cant even find a game (just 2 months ago I could find a 4v4 in under 5 min. now like 25 min)

Nomal team game goes like this. Que up and wait for mabe 3 to 5 map dodges before a game can load up. After 25 min game loads (sometimes). If your lucky no 1 drops (about a 50% chance this happens in the 1st 4 min) (another 50% chance a hacker desyncs the game) If game goes on now its total cheese mode. all rush or all turtle for 1 hour. GaME ENDS with someone draging game out another 20 min (normally hiding there landmarks in the corners)
Games over.
This is every game. Prob one of the worst team game rts I ever played. Really

p.s StormGate will have 1v1 ranked on release and team RANKED on day 1. p;ayed the demo and its so good. Kinda like SC2 was the 1st year but better.

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I am getting the feeling you want to play Stromgate.

As a avid player of Teamgames. I only agree that the lack of ranked team games is bad.

Balance is questionable, but I do not think its broken. But there are some strenght and weaknesses that gets majorly amplified.

Team maps in general dosn’t suck. Only Black Forest, King of the Hill and Hill and Dale is bad. Verything else is pretty descent. Confluence could do a revision on not having the 1 isolated teammate in 3v3 to go up against 2 opponents on his side making it to easy to double tag rush the loner.

You winning with only making knights or siege is just low ELO play.

I love to see anyone spamming single-unit composition to win.

You can definitely get away with a single unit-composition if you coordinate well with teammates, but then the battle dosn’t just consist of knights or siege. but a mix of units.

Grenadiers are the only unit that is majorly broken in teamgames being Way to cost effective. (but that will change next patch)

Other than that, I don’t see major issues in teamgames other than minor balance tweaking and rework on a few maps.

ANOTHER DAY - ANOTHER POST from plastic league Steve with 0 value

Cool you answered to a 1. point with like 5 bellow it.

I dont understand how else should I tell you that tgs rankeds would be absolute non-sense in current state of a game and I say it as top100 player and a guy who spent 80% of gametime playing teamgames since NOVEMBER.


What is urgently needed is fighting and banning cheating players un quick play. The balance thing seems secondary to me now.

This is completely wrong concept from you. In team games it means its teams comp that matters and not individual team comp. Its much more efficient to play that one player focuses making specific units than everyone doing little bit this and that. Just like WC3 1-2 player goes mass air while 1-2 players fill ground / support units etc. And there is nothing wrong with this imo

Team games usually end up in wing going unit x pocket going y (additional units are usually added in mid to late game) and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Team games easily compensate that by timing pushes. One really needs to have a good sense on when to attack on what position to aim for 2v1 situations.

true , they should add it for the considerable future

this is a good idea actually , its already possible with the AGS mod so i think they could make it official

lol , why (i dont play team games)

cannot argue , havent played 4v4 since a long time so idk

i think thats bc everyone is on the 1v1 ladder and on competitive .

I don’t think having AI take over is good solution. AI either cheats to feel hard or it sucks. Control should be given to a player. In WC3 the team can control dropped player and one can chose to control it always or everyone. Ofc this could lead ppl doing what ever they want with it but usually 1 says “i control don’t touch” and thats it

ALSO IMPERAL UNIT TRUMP ALL SO FAST IMPERAL RUSH A MUST. If you dont have 3 tc at least just quit your useless. Also Elephants useless please stop making them., there countered from tier 1.
Jusat play french or China and fast imp pleasse. thats all you need to know.
Worst team games in any rts I ever played. not even kinda fun

1v1 is the most boring thing Ive ever seen. games over in 5 min wee . wow that was great. Games ded anyways no point me posting here more. gla on ded game. ill be on StormGate
also all the maps are trash



Never come back please.

If there is something AoE IV community doesnt need its people like you.


yea the whole 1000 that still plays. great. have fun with that

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No, is 20-25 min in 1vs1.

btw, you still will be abled to do only one type, cause your teammates can make other types of unit.

plastic league comment on plastic league. 10/10

TGs are played only to kill noobs. or by noobs. everybody else, who understand how TGs whould work - left already.

Ofcourse toxic players will be top10, cause toxics for toxics game.

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AOE4 can learn AOE2, so that each civilization has the ability to influence allies when they are in TG. If a civilization is too strong or too weak in TG, then balance it out by giving their teammates fitness enhancements.

Islandsteve8 most OP player confirmed.

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Then play 1v1 if you desire to make multi comp army. TG’s regardless of game is always 1 member of team making 1 type of unit etc which is standard and normal and most efficient way to play

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I thought u moved onto another game? U claim that for last 3 months

One of your games was dchn not 3

Also I have checked your playstyle

Literally a typical teammate I would love to have in my team

Thanks for all you did for community. I hope you reported all the obvious d-hackers via all ways like I used to do in past when I played tgs and you dont only come here to bark for no reason

Have a nice day with your new RTS game