yea true. sad state this game in

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didnt saw this but wow the perpective on those issues. why? because I want you to remenber a pair things:

or bring it on launch like any other game?

good but we already know how diastrous the ai in aoe 4 is in campaign and skirmish. It’s too much for them. We need a better dev team.

because drop and quitters and the focus on 1v1?

yup and that’s why aoe 4 is luckluster and deserves a reviewbomb and the disloyaty of its fandom because for aoe standards is unnacceptable.

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I was wondering why he stopped replying, usually he jumps on comment but looks like he got banned lmao

I’m sure there are alts so he’ll reply soon.

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LMAO. That explain why the forums are so quiet recently.

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Team games for casuals versus AI is very bad because the AI has no character like in Stronghold and AOE3. Besides the AI behaves stupid.

An intelligent AI with character would be very important for casual players. It seems to be that the AI is only made for pros testing their build orders.

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