Why The Aztec Changes Are Flawed

Aztecs do not need a more affordable and less pop effective anti cavalry, and jaguars are a terrible counter to heavy infantry when compared to the ranged slingers or even eagle runners. the Aztecs which lack cannon and true cavalry instead require a better anti infantry unit.

no one has asked for a less pop efficient jaguar knight, they are not more desirable by players, and they are not more fun to utilize or make the game better. rather than fixing a useless unit you just made it cheaper without addressing its flaws and place in the civs roster. as is, it will always be an inferior choice to the eagle runner knight instead of a separate unit with separate uses. moving jaguars into a different niche will help this civ as a whole.

Remove the Jaguar Knights bonus vs cavalry entirely as well as its heavy infantry tag. instead grant them a bonus vs all infantry and give them a melee skirmisher tag.

consider if jaguar knights had 180 hp, 20% ranged resistance, 10 damage with 5x vs infantry, and 5 move speed and auto upgraded in age 3. this would allow it to have a desirable niche in the Aztec army that cant be better fulfilled by other units and allow them to more effectively counter ranged infantry masses later in the game.

Reworking their big buttons is also a must. make the Nobles Hut Big button increase Jaguar, Eagle and Arrow knight damage bonuses, and the same for the Warhut big button and its units. this will allow the Aztec army to be more cost effective counters later in the game.


There’s already a thread for this specific point. [November PUP] Jaguar Prowl Knight discussion

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