Why the devs return the higlanders card in age 3 to age 2?

i dont know why they nerf something and revert the nerf, in the next patch, i think the devs are doing a bad job nerfing thing and revert it later in the next patch i dont know what they are doing if they will nerf something why revert it later dont get it any one can explain this?

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Easy. The card in age 3 is useless. Now it’s in age 2 but cost more gold and it doesn’t give you a Highlander by default. It’s easy to detect a player who is going to do the highlander rush, you just have to see the enemies deck or the amount of TPs taken. Then make skirms ASAP and done, gg ez.

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Yes, but Yesterday i see a rec from a friend we’re he get 9 Highlander in that game the Map was mongolia, dont remember, the problem here Is the Highlander have 400 hp , 60 damage AND 40% Merle resist for only 400 that Unit can clean all your army @Redesrojas

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Highlanders in age IIare really powerful, especially if your civ doesn’t have good skirm/archers in age II.

But I am even more concerned about the settler wagon boom (with 3 mills) with which a US player massacred me twice yesterday.

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send TM and xbow and just sit in base, what are they going to do actually walk under tc fire and die like an idiot?

its been there for a while and its a counterable all in


Well i lose with EtiopĂ­a, EtiopĂ­a dont have a skirmish Unit in age 2 and dont have minuteman so for my civ Is not Easy to counter

With Ethiopia’s nat ageup alliances nerfed I’m personally gonna be favoring Portuguese age 2 who unlock xbows at war camp, that should do the trick for skirm-types.

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Yeah i can age up with ports but i need spend 700 influence to make x-bow that’s A Lot AND they are regular x-bow so they are bad vs heavy infantry with too much hp

most civs only have xbow in age 2 and they can deal with it fine, just out range and kite them under the tc

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Well you can ask Any other players they Will say x-bows are bad vs heavy infantry with too much hp @coffeeco01

They are not as good as skirms but that doesnt mean they are bad.

People have been holding age 2 pushes with them since forever. They do their job

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Well tell me how many x-bow do you need yo kill a Highlander

with TC fire a group of 10-16 is more then suffice, each deals 20 damage a shot so you need about 310 damage to kill them with the tc fire. with 16 you are sure to kill them with a single TC shot and a volley. If you have TM then you only need 13

like the opponent is attacking you with 18 pop worth of units. you need the same amount of 1 pop units in kind

if you think xbow is too hard to get, get the 8(soon to be 7 cannoneers) shipment of if that also feels too hard, get send the 10 desert archer shipment and put down an outpost as well if you want to make more.

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Well EtiopĂ­a dont have minuteman, dont have skirms i need spend 700 influence for make x-bow, desdert Archer Is Nerf, dont know then, i think you need play EtiopĂ­a AND i can make you that strat, AND you can tell me what to do

you do know they didnt change the stat of the desert archer only the pop. They still deal more DPS against heavy infantry then skirms and you have a 20% hp card for them

like seriously do people read the stats of units


Yeah i read the stat but you dont know EtiopĂ­a you know they Nerf the abun boom that Unit Is expensive AND vos 3 pop AND with the card 2 Is More hard make that Unit now AND dont have Any upgrade

it has been there for a long time. actually it is not too strong until now.

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Ethiopia is basically getting minutemen with the new patch, it’s like 5 Levied Bowmen that train in 10 seconds or something (Chitet ain’t a bad card either, it’s Ethiopian TC dmg buff card that enables food/coin minutemen batches in the Asian style). Also you can get the 700 influence in the transition from age 1 to 2 if you build a Monastery and flip the switch to 50/50 coin/influence, and then on ageup you can not only get the 10 xbow but also have the coin to train most of your Abuns as well.

Well the minuteman they add it in this patch but they took too much Time yo add that