Why the heck is nobody talking about the music! Poll

Guys, I have posted so much criticism about the graphics. We all know it need some tweaks, and they will fix most of the issues. I personally want it to be looking exactly same as the 2019 preview, for me it was perfect, nice building size and saturation, the latest trailers were a complete deception to be honest…

But why is nobody talking about the music? well I bring you the link of the trailer so you can put more attention to it: AoE 4 trailer

Now please tell me your opinions about the soundtrack, is it any good?

  • Epic
  • not bad not good
  • meh

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Here is my opinion: its f$#& epic! I love it and I think that Witcher 3 composer will make the game a master piece in terms of music…

What do you think so far?


it’s just a generic reharsh of the AOE theme, it’s not really bad nor good for me, it’s just meh.
it just sounds like one of those generic avengers movie theme lol

I hope the music of AOE4 is good like the music in AOE3

(now this is epic)


This is depressing and sad

what why?? for me it sounds amazing

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well I dont understand your point of view, of course it has to have AOE them on it :sweat_smile:

I didn’t say they didn’t need to have it, just said that this version sounds meh, something that could have done easily before

i’d like to see more original music when the game comes out, not just reharsh of the same 22 year old theme

Im pretty confident the Age4 soundtrack will be really great. I love the Age1DE and Age2DE soundtracts, so good I bought both of their OSTs.

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If i’m not mistaken the music producer of the witcher made the music for aoe4. It is actually the best thing about aoe4 at the moment. The only thing that would be a 9/10 score

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Age of 4 music is awosome and epic. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t even remember the music of Age of 4 after playing. No theme is stuck in my head. I think the music are not as good as AoE 2

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