Why the KotD3 arabia is not in the matchmaking?


It’s hard to understand, given that KoD3 is a big tournament coming up, and I think it would be great if the participants and other players had the opportunity to play with the map.


those types of maps are usually added in other ways, but not available for ranked play.

The map is not finalized and you don’t want a map in matchmaking that is subject to arbitrary changes on arbitrary days

Even if it was in matchmaking, participants won’t want to reveal their strategies before the tournament. Most of the try-hard practice will happen in private lobbies anyway.

Also, these tournament maps won’t be enjoyed by the casual player regardless (because they have features like small forests very far out and lots of hills) and will likely lead to a lot of community rage if they are entered into the matchmaking.

It’s fine

Memb push to put the map in the matchmaking 1 vs 1, but the dev’s decline.

I am not saying that it is a permanent change, I think it would be good given the situation, and perhaps the two versions of arabia could be left to choose from. There is a large group in the community that wants to play on a more open map, which truly reflects the spirit of classic arabia.

I agree, I would enjoy it if tournament maps were added / in the pool.
Just because it’s part of something bigger.
I wouldn’t really care if they were tweaked arbitrarily, it’s not like I’d notice.


I agree with your wish to make Arabia more open again, but I totally disagree with your argumentation. Why should 99,99% of the players be forced to play an other version of Arabia only because the top64 of pro players want to train?

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Wouldn’t it be cool to play the same maps as the current relevant tournaments. Much more interesting than the events we have currently.


Is it fair that we play the same map for only 64 players participating?

The arabia versions we have in the arabia map pack, already has a BOA arabia the one with the eles and rhyno, same like we had the hc2 arabia, you could notice the small chucnks of wood and flat woodlines of both maps.

I am down for that suggestion, cause otherwise we will be playing pants or mangrove maps next.