Why they buffed lithuanians?

They were already too strong in open and hybrid maps, now they will strong in closed maps too. I tried in closed maps and it was insine. You can get 5-6 tcs very fast with buying wood,stone and keep working them with new food bonus. Also their uu is broken. Armor ignorance means bonus vs everything and base damage of leitis already too high. At least there must be a limit for armor ignorance like 5 or something.


are you getting TC dropped by lithuanians too


Yeah. I am getting tc dropped by lits every game every day 11


I feel like you should start with 100F but only get 50F per additional TC

50 food with each additional TC is a joke


No they weren’t.

And that’s now been nerfed.

You can build even 20 for the sake of building it but you’ll need 35 farmers to sustain production from 5 tcs.

Basically this change is a small nerf for settings where they were very strong before like Empire wars, maps like Four lakes and a buff for general maps where they were average.

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Lets say Lithuanian got no food at the start but 150F per additional TC Compared to the Briton bonus which save 137W and can be incredibly powerful on closed maps. I think most people would consider a buff.

No its not, early game food is super important.

Also, Britons have an early game bonus themselves

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But 150F is worth way more than 137W in castle age when you are just starting to produce Villagers from multiple TC’s. You could have made the argument that 150F per TC is worth more than 3 times 50F because you are incentivized to make even more TC

Ofc 150 food is better than 137 wood but when you have no early bonus your civ is going to die

And very badly

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I agree completely. Lithuanians were like top 5 (or at least top 10) among open map civs even before this buff. This buff is similar to bengali’s, except stronger. Though Bengalis get 2 extra vils, that’s limited by age up, and it’s instant. But, this is the food for the same number of vils, and you get it the instant you build a TC. I would even argue that this is stronger than the hindustani bonus in early castle age. And all that for a civ that really didn’t need it.

Spanish have existed in a state Where they had a very lackluster eco bonus and 50G savings from fletchin if they can survive and get a castle up so can Lithuainians make it to castle age with only Faster Trash and drop 2-3 TC and still produce vills and make army. And we haven’t even got into closed maps.

That’s paid by the fact they have less HP and PA than a Paladin, that and the large amount of farmers to truly spam Leiciai for a civ whose new booming bonus is one time.


Spanish were badly designed for Arabia lol

Qhat you are proposing will make Lithuanians only good on arena if they boom

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Lithuanians are strong in arena even before this bonus. The relics on arena and their broken UU as you mwntioned are already strong options. The civ didn’t need any sort of buff, and exactly as you said, their UU really needs a nerf.

In this patch, the devs are trying to standardize opening for almost all civs. We have to respect that. But Lithuanians are truly still OP.

No I am simply saying that 100F and +50 food per TC is not a nerf using an extreme example of how this is not a nerf.

Lithuanians are better than Spanish I would be happily to trade Conqs For 150 per TC in early CA on Arabia. And Spanish are not good on Arena they are almost entirely Carried by Conqs on Hideout they are strong but what can you do with Spanish on Arena? Castles age aggression is not meta on Arena outside of contesting relics and taking map control for imperial age. What have do you have in imperial age Elite Conqs faster Gunpowder, FU Paladins and Trash, Cheaper transitions thats all well in good but thats not enough to carry you.

I feel you are badly under estimating the power of +150F you don’t need to even produce vills to get value, Need a lumber camps? Just built a Tc it cost an extra 175W 100S but it grants 150F and protects your vills. Mangonels pushing your TC just build another one or if your feeling extra spicy research hill forts. If you still think 50 per Tc food in exchange for 50 food at the start is a “total joke” lets make it 200F

But leitis; 25 gold cheaper(%50 less gold), +2 more ap and attack bonus vs everything. Paladin upgrade need 1600 food and 1050 gold but elite leitis upgrade cost only 750 food 750 gold. Agree on leitis need castle to mass, but you need castle for other purposes anyway.

The value of food in the dark is way more important than in castle (yes, inflation).

Plus they now have a dilemma in early castle age where you either invest in monasteries for the early relics or more tc’s to get more value out of the new bonus.

I think it’s a healthy change that requires some decision making


Yes but you can simply change Leitis to Mangudai and Lithuanians to Mongols and see how exactly insane are Mangudais in the same conditions, and even true for most UUs, so why you let enemy to mass UUs like that?