Why to nerf Houfnice, How to deal with skirms?

I believe the houfnice nerf was absolutely unnecessary, I have no idea how to deal with FU skirms in imp now. I believe the houfnice upgrade was very expensive and still there are civs with better bbc like Turks. Artillery cost just 450 wood and 500 gold and gives better range also to bombard towers. If you watched TTL or NAC4 tournaments than houfnice got countered by ####### ### or any hussar civ. It is also part of the Bohemian late game combination and actually the only option. What other options do Bohemians have? No thumb ring, no last cav armor, no bonuses for cav, no hussar, no CA, nothing. You also made the hussite wagon useless just based on 1 video from a streamer where he calls hussite wagon OP. I believe you should make decisions based on statistics before nerfing some units. Bohemians were not top Arena civ anymore and they are one of the worst civs on Arabia.


Yeah Artillery being that cheap for a civ with free chemistry + faster training BBCs with extra HP is too much.

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turk should loose free hussar and free scout cavalry and isntead get 50% discount for these techs as a weaker bonus

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Lmao with good siege theres absolutely no reason to think Bohemians would suffer against skirms. Rams, Houfnice, scorps, onagers, Hussite Wagon are all good against skirms


You also have fully upgraded Militia-line to deal with Skirmishers.

In theory, your own Skirmishers supported by Hussite Wagons should also mean you win the fight.

And let’s not pretend like Houfnice is worthless now, it’ll still be a strong unit.


Scorpions are absolutely terrible against skirms, they do pierce damage

They deal 9 damage and take 1. They also do pass through damage

They are pretty solid vs skirms

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I think they will be absolutely useless and not picked in tournaments anymore, look at the NAC4 civ picks, no Bohemians even on closed maps anymore. Houfnice is not useless against skirms but very difficult to afford. I compared it with Turks, other civs will have an advantage over Bohemians. Scorps, Mangonels are easy to outmicro and very fragile and expensive, countered by bbc and most arena civs have bbc’s with some bonus.

the problem is that if I wanna go Halb Ram I would rather play Celts or Teutons at that point who have better eco bonuses too.

You are basically suggesting to go Halb Ram on Arena, let me pick Bulgarians or Celts next time I roll Arena, oh wait, all clowns agree both of those are bottom 20% Arena civs.

Houfnice is what makes Bohemians unique.


Thats not what we are talking about. OP was talking about the civ being weak to skirms somehow and think thats nonsense since they have a really solid variety of siege units.

And Houfnice are still good either way.