Why u cant customize all cities?

Removing card progression system is something i like, now home city level is only needed for city customization, so if you, developer, left this feature to be in game why u can’t make all cities customizable, like japan and etc? I dont think thats were hard to implement. its very dissapointing.


This was an oversight brought from the legacy version of AoEIII. The expansion civs never had customizable home cities, only the base game ones. I assume that while not exactly hard, it would be very time consuming for the devs to redesign all 8 home cities that don’t have this feature yet, research historical sources, create new assets, animate them, etc.
It would be really cool if the devs do add customization options for the rest of the HC, but I don’t think they will.


Why is customizing fun? Or is it also applied ingame

With all the performance issues and crash issues happening now this could be interesting eventually but it has to be extremely low priority.

I disagree. I know it is a cosmetic feature but having it for only SOME europan civs (not even sweden) is a huge oversight.


Well, they added Sweden and Incas to the game which, i bet, is even more time consuming to create all animations, units, architecture and research history sources, so i dont think that some flags, building colors and etc were even more time consuming. This could be done on developing stage, one does not exclude the other. now nothing will change, but hope still lives.So, i cant see any excuse here, only laziness. They could have added some new options to existing civs, but even this is a no.

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They had plenty of time to fix game from critical bugs like clipping units in buildings, cliffs, campaing being broken droping u at last missions and etc. Like, what was beta testing even for?

Honestly, I think it’s laziness.

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