Why waste rss with gunpowder weapons?

It’s utterly braindead that I bring 4 units of gunpowder weapons costing 900 rss and they get annhilated by 4 springalds in 2 hits x unit, where’s the logic/sense/gameplay idea is just utterly braindead XD gunpowder weapons have decent dmg agianst buildings against units are ajoke specially the Ribauldequin I bring 4 of those I see amassive blob of man at arms running at me each one shoots twice and don’t even kill them just leave them at 1/3 of hp even with the gunpowder upgrade… I’m better of bringing 9 fucking catapults with the attack speed upgrade why do u put extremlly expensive aoe dmg units if they’re utterly garbage

True, ribauldequin is very ineffective for its cost, game is always about springal and mango, always, and no ribaldequin. I thought they say want diversity of units but no diversity. So is the ottoman grand bombard after pathc, same old problem.

They have to buff ribaldequin and grand bombard aoe damage long ago. They shoot and kill nothing, then they die. This makes less unit diversity and more boring game.

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All siege units are really good if you know how to use them.

Siege are high risk high rewards units that can cause devastating damage but can also be lost very easily, which is actually quite realistic because in history if they were outnumbered and had to flee a battle they had to leave all the siege stuff behind in the hands of the enemy.

That being said, sieges takes a lot of population space and you can always use knights if they get too many springald or mangonel. If they have a bigger Army with few well defended siege, then using springald is a better counter as knights can get killed easily by crossbow or spears.

When you see culverin or springald , you should always back your siege and let your unit or your own springald destroy theirs before you bring your other siege units. It’s not like you can’t do anything about it.

About Great bombard, they are already extremely strong and I don’t think people who say they are bad know what they talking about, (or they expect the bombard to have no counter at all?). But we see pro players use them constantly and they can destroy keeps or ranged units in no time.

Ribauldequin are a lot more niche, and definitely not recommended against handcannoner or springald. But they are very effective at countering mass MAA, spears… I’ve used them effectively in many battles and I don’t think it needs a buff.

And to answer your question. Well you don’t have to. Try play without siege units and see what happens.

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The sad truth is that they would rather have 1 playstyle for all players than make a varied experience. There is a reason why gameplay does not drastically differ from civilization to civilization despite them harbouring vast differences in terms of mechanics or features (differences are mostly economical, boo).

So, every civilization ends up devolving into a archer, spearman and knight mess using the same siege equipment. They are scared that if anything else would be viable, that it would be hard to balance. Hell, IMO, they’ve overbalanced the game to the point of everything being streamlined and linear. It is incredibly uninteresting and goes against the spirit of AoE.

AoE4 has become a lot more like Starcraft because unfortunately, a lot of Starcraft players keep giving feedback and begging for change. They want the map to have no variance, they want games to be faster, they don’t want defensive structures to have any power, they hate walls and most relevantly to this post; they want to only play in 1 hyper specific build order and way rather than having to think on the spot and come up with new strategies.

It is hard to enjoy AoE4 as someone who actually enjoyed past AoE games.

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Dude that doesn’t matter when you’re talking about 40 knights you can’t make a circle with your infantry arround your siege Xd and if the dude presses left click on the siege some horse will manage to walk trough some spearmean because units collision is not perfect to just destroy 900 rss which dealt below avarage dmg and would hav ebeen outperformed by a 3 mangonels that cost the same

If your siege is protected by spear and crossbow and you position them correctly. Your opponent would lose a lot more resources than you do trying to kill the siege.

You can try it make only knights and crossbow or only knights and MAA.


ribauldequins saved my azz quite a few times against a mass of soldiers due to their sheer strenght.

You HAVE to protect your sieges at all cost. It’s the Micro cost you have to pay along with the economic in order to make use of their devastating power. Dont just push your Trebuchet, ribauilt or cannon on the front line when you know damn well theres a springald waiting to destroy it. You got to make a defensive line, Make a walll, and shoot with your sieges behind it so that Springalds cant hit it. Or just make a suicide dive with knight to destroy the springs and then go full ham with your sieges.

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Ribauldequin actually super shreds melee units and take almost no damage from most melee units. The problem is they die to literally any ranged unit (even archers), so they are kinda a one-hit wonder if they enemy is building heavy melee

They had a bit of an issue before that caused them to not shoot well due to the set-up time, but now they shoot instantly. They are still super niche and rarely good, because 0 ranged armor.

For OP, yes mangonels and gunpowder in general (barring great bombards and culverins) you have to win the anti-seige war (usually springalds) before you can use them.

If you get the university upgrade they get +10 range armor which makes them viable against archer, and even crossbow. But not against handcannoner.

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Even after siegeworks, archers deal 3 to them and longbows 4, crossbows will be doing 11 damage per shot. once they have incendiary arrows. Sure they won’t like instantly die, but you don’t want a 900 resource unit dying that fast. 39 xbow shots isn’t all that many, plus the short range makes it super vulnerable to enemy springalds/bombards/culverins.

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