Why We Hate Japan as a Civ

Japan is balanced, not weak. Everyone keeps saying they are op, well they are not.


Hausa is balanced, not weak. Everyone keeps saying they are op, well they are not.

True. Ethiopia on the other hand…

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I’ve been saying that Japan is balanced (1v1 sup), you have been saying they are weak before 10mins.

We hate Japan because they do everything well and the only time they are “weak” they aren’t even that weak. They are also easy to play on top of that and have all S tier units. It’s not about win rate or how much they are played.

They are balanced in the overall grand timeline of the game. They are weak in early game. Strong in mid, balanced in late. This is the result of asymmetrical civ design. Stop putting text in my paragraphs.


One of the things that makes Japan too powerful are Daimyos. This unit seems to have no limitations and that is wrong.

I don’t hate this civilization. But it is always the one that frustrated me the most to win in the legacy game and in DE. Only the intense early attack works for me.

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the Africans are broken , but anywhore Moonshadow are just being a troll or do you actually believe japan is balanced?

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BUT SCREW JAPAN AFTER TONIGHT ALL THE AFRICAN CIVS CAN GO DIE IN A HOLE. they are so broken I’m actually done with this game till it fixed


Man, you keep denying that Japan is not OP, not Op.

You said he was strong in the medium term, which I think is contradictory.

But you didn’t make good suggestions. I think your essence is to like the Japanese civilization, and then maintain it, not to discuss it with a fair attitude.

If you are really a good player, you should respect the ideas of most players and put forward your own suggestions.

Make the game better. Instead of just taking care of the civilization you like to play.

Give me one thing about Japanese eco thats better than that of European civs, which also cant be compensate for by those other civs.

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Hmm yes, they are easy to play in a basic level but they are one of the hardest civs if you want to play them really well; what i mean is that if you are new to the game is a relatively easy civ, i dont think the easiest but is easy, because of the shrines that provide a flexible and easy-to-handle eco, so if you´re new, you can have good results by not being that experienced, but if you are experienced, not necessarily pro, and you play relatively well, then it is one of the hardest civs to master, because of how complicated some mechanics and bonuses are, and that its total power is fragmented in so many sources and places that to get to the total power you have to manage so many and different things…

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They are not, they still pretty OP in team games. For 1v1 they OK

No balance is considered for team game in DE, never, even treaty can be considered.


A nice change to Japan Monks would be to make it so that they can’t teleport if they have been attack in the last 10 seconds. Japanese Monks can put up shrines in obscure places without repercussions and no vills or military escort are need. It would be nice if you could out play the Japanese monk and be rewarded with a downed monk unable to put up shrines.

@BazzZ94 No U.

The answer lies within your own answer. The fact that everyone thinks they have to rush and kill Japan within the first 10 minutes or else they are screwed means the civ is still horribly and unbelievably unbalanced. Why have people been complaining about Japan for over a decade and why have they been nerfed so many times? Think about it…

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Well the same thing applies to the warchiefs civs and other eco civs - u dont let iro hit age 4 and get arilery on top of the good units. some civs are good at rushing - otto, hausa, while other are more of an eco civs like brits and japan - and u rush an eco civ so u dont allow them to boom. if u allow japan to boom, get obliterated and come here on the forums and complain how japan is OP is just plain stupid. the thing that i am trying to say is that they have flaws - compared to the african civs that have EVERYTHING. u want cannons - here, u want some brits helping u - here - etc.

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Iro in age 4 only has an S tier cannon and a A tier skrim. Don’t forget their bad eco the longer you play.

African civs while broken right now can’t mass cannons.

Japan is a crutch civ, they get so many gimmes and freebies its ridiculous. They cover up mistakes and poor play much better then other civs do, things like herding, protecting villagers, all that stuff? Nope, Japan doesn’t have to worry about that.

They are ‘balanced’ in 1vs1 due to their weakness against timing pushes but the major issue is that they force the opponent to play a certain way to beat them, otherwise they get overwhelmed by superior units. No other civ does this. I think this is extremely unhealthy for the game.

Honestly though at a very starting point, I’d like to see Ashi reduced to 4 speed and Samurai given a compensating buff, though honestly I’d like to see non spear melee infantry (Rods, Doppel, Samurai etc.) be reworked entirely and not be classed as anti cavalry.

In any case if Ashi want to keep their 4.5 speed, they need a significant penalty to offset that such as weaker against skirmishers. Having weaker melee (but higher bonuses vs. cav) barely matters when most melee units such as Halbs can’t catch them anyway.


Actually sweden does the same thing. Sweden is about as hated as Japan. When you watch an ESOC match, people pick Sweden or Japan as much as possible when there is a lot of money on the line, and everyone, including the commentators know they are both way OP. It gets commented on frequently. Stats don’t lie, I would be surprised if they are not the most used in tournaments where money is involved.

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