Why were there “Tanks” in the Middle Ages ?

When I played AOE4, I noticed that the game had a kind of small “tanks”, but they had a lot of firepower and appeared in groups. Once they appear in large numbers, no unit can resist them, and you can only build “tanks” to fight them.

One anti-tank vehicle in particular, Springald, was unbeatable, not only against all other tanks, but also with all sorts of enhancements. And infantry anti-tank grenades are ineffective against them.

My friends, how can such advanced technology be available in the Middle Ages?

I think AOE4 “tanks” should at least behave like AOE3, melee units should be able to kill one in several attacks (although they are expensive, they can increase damage), not the current super durable “tanks”. :worried: :roll_eyes:


Here is the thing AOE3 had cavalry which were strong units, but due to pop limits were much less effective vs mass infantry. But being fast and with good multipliers vs artillery they were great counters to that. creating a triangle of counter that is inf>cav>art>inf (granted its slightly more complicated because certain inf/ cav mashups counter each other)

AOE4 makes cavalry 1 pop so making them in mass with the better stats means the cav are supreme. (hence cav wining vs pike and crossbows) So it makes for some weird countering triangles where siege is meant to take over late game to counter it all. So then that makes springalds the ultimate siege weapon.

In Aoe3 that was the place of the culverin, which was a pretty weak unit overall, but if used to counter artillery then good culverin micro/ protection could win you battles and thus the game. But no amount of spamming culverin would ever be a good idea. due to slow speed, long pack up times.


Cav beat all sorts of light infantry in aoe3, such as archers.

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yes that is why I put its a little more complicated since certain inf/ cav match ups, even Hi like muskets also counter dragoons due to population spaces.

With a range upgrade a dragoon could kite them but it does not play out like that perfectly enough.

If hussars were 1 pop though then they would be a close fight with muskets not really having a counter.

The tanks aka seige need a heavy nerf that’s all people use to win not very fun at all.


By tanks, do you mean siege units? Or literally really tanky frontline units, like heavy cav? I’m assuming siege, but I just wanted to check.

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Siege, so much like the tanks in COH, super single attack, slow attack speed and movement speed, super health and armor.
Isn’t the torch just an anti-tank grenade? I think heavy cavalry is a reasonable position for now, but siege weapons are way off the mark.