Why won't AI enemy trebs unpack or move around when I place them in the Mod?

Hey guys, thanks for reading my inquiry. I have been trying to figure out for a while what I’m doing wrong, but whenever I place units (like campaign units) in the mod the AI won’t use the units at all. I have also found that if I want to move the objects around the map if I put one on my team to test they barely move and I have to right click hundreds of times to get them to move a short distance.

If I place a building like a keep or a tower they will fire when you get close to them; however, campaign units and units like trebuchets or cannons just sit there and don’t move or target anyone during the game.

I also find that sometimes the special units don’t take damage from certain units. Like a ship can shoot at a treb 100 times and it wont lose health; however, a hand gunner can take one out quickly no problem.

has anybody else had these problems?

I know there are tuning packs but I haven’t had much luck finding anything in them relating to unpacking a siege unit, or getting the AI to use them. I have watched all the videos age posted on the content editor, but havent been able to figure this out all help is appreciated.

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There are probably a lot of things you are “doing wrong” but that’s why you must experiment and find what works. I’ve noticed that the AI will only work as it’s been designed to. The AI doesn’t see custom units or buttons to press, but they have no problems with using things that have simply been replaced while maintaining enough of the original structure.

As for the campaign units, they are setup for the campaign and whatever campaign AI in the missions to use. To convert them to a skirmish format, you would have to go through each unit in a tuning pack and structure them to be a lot more similar to a skirmish unit at least. There are definitely differences causing the difference in AI. So in some cases, the skirmish AI just ignores what I’ve added.

As for what things need “fixing” it’s hard to say. I’ve seen unit types be the issue, it could be state models instead, or even animation limitations that you can’t work around. Any number of things really.

Oh and the question in the title, I’ve never really seen them using trebs but they should build and use them.

The particular mod that I’m building I’m trying to give the enemy a few Huihui Pow longer rang mongolian trebs on their hill top just to shoot at anything that passes by. I looked at all the attributes in the tuning pack; however, I didn’t see anything regarding unpacking the treb or where I can assign it a defensive behavior for the AI.

I placed a few kings as well, just to test them and they can barely move even if im controlling them. where in the tuning pack attributes can you make a player mobile or defensive?

What I’ve found so far:
The AI builds mangonels, eg. the mongols by field construction. However merely for a short time in age 3. As soon as they can produce gunpowder units, these are preferred.
And it doesn’t matter, what you change in ebps/sbps - the race AI script has a list of “units to use”, mainly core units with maybe race specific special units. So changes must be done in AI script, not in blueprint.

Are you placing ebps objects on the map, or sbps objects? I have not tried placing units on my test map yet, only objects at this point. However, in Relic’s Company of Heroes 2 game ebps objects/units do not have a brain, there is no code behind them, they just sit idle or flounder around aimlessly. COH 2 sbps objects/units have code behind them and they move, setup, teardown, shoot their guns, etc. Hope this helps.

ebps work with the AI without instructions; however, the ebps units are limited to only a few militia units in the game. there are no trebs included in the ebps. only sbps

if anybody figures out how to make the hui hui pow units moveable or able to unpack let me know