Why you should never buy AoE3DE

Just look at the mess AoEDE and AoE2DE is. An unfinished, unpolished, non-optimized censored enforced big pile of BS. Please do not support/buy any products from MS or Forgotten until they fix everything. Thank you.


forgotten doesn’t make AOE3DE, so therefor i imagine the game will launch smother.


I am hoping for a discount on AoE3 DE for players per non-banned/functional CD-key they can provide per AoE3 Original & Expansion. Maybe -?% discount each, up to -3•?%, at time of purchase.


Aoe3 Customers through Steam and the original purchase-game-packages own the player-games of AoE3, hopefully we’ll be treated equally.


I’m buying it. Even though I started out with AoEII like many did AoEIII is the game I spend the most time playing. i can’t wait to see what Tantalus has done and I hope it is supported like AoEIIDE has been.


Jumping back to the thread title
“Why you should never buy AoE 3 DE”

To me, if the game still lags and spikes easily and it continues being comprehensively impossible to flip/choose between Genuine and Modified Content on browsing Game-Lobbies.


As far as I can tell the DE’s for Age1 and Age2 were direct upgrades from the original, while staying true to the game. To say otherwise you have to split the needles on the trees of the forest you’re completely missing.


Not only that but Forgotten Empires are doing a good job rolling out monthly updates with the most recent including new maps and gameplay features. Balancing 35 civs is difficult (they seem to having trouble with Goths atm) but they’ve been listening to the community and I can only hope AoEIIIDE get’s the same treatment.

AoEIII may be the black sheep of the AoE family (undeservingly so imo) but I am cautiously optimistic. There will be a few bumps along the way but that is true for most games.


That would quite possibly not be technically feasible for all those who bought it with a CD-key. However, for those who bought it on Steam, it should, at least, be theoretically possible.

Modified content? Do you mean Mods? Or custom scenarios??

With Mods I mean:

  1. Mods affecting/ improving settings display position, audio file replacement on notifications/ audio removal.
  2. A few selected Game-Engine-Altering Mods.
  3. And be able to go online through own account despite Internet Cafe adjustments to single-player mode.

And Multiplayer Lobbies would have a picture per Mod (picture approved by ESO-support on approving Mod) so people can identify Lobbies with which Mods. And host can pick from amongst Mods he has downloaded when hosting, somehow.

I do not understand this, of course I will buy! It is amazing that they work on it! On this entire empire! :smiley: I just bought the Steam bundle sale of both current DE games. Cant wait for III DE and IV! :slight_smile:


I dont see the mess you are refering to. But i do agree that you shouldnt buy the game, but for other reasons. (If this would be true). If it strays away from the original games concept, if they dont add anything new (like civs or new units/buildings, something like the saloon). The games graphics and ui are already good even to this day. They are not the best but descent enough. Multiplayer does need fixes, but paying 20 + for a bug fix isnt worth it.

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In support of AoE3 DE I have to say: I just played a match with AoE3 classic, the graphics was so bad that I miss DE already :grin:

Can’t wait!


AOE 3 Original Bad graphics comparing to DE? XD
How funny, I can tell you how strongly I disagree with you, but can’t give you facts to support my point without breaking AOE 3 DE NDA…
Well played :smirk:


Actually AoE2 worked pretty good when i was in the Beta. :smiley: Although i was a bit annoyed when some scouts “apparently” went straight through my blacksmith. (This was due to the blacksmith being used as a wall next to my market, and when both buildings were next to each other it appeared that it formed a complete wall without any gaps - however for some reason it did not).

Admittedly i could not afford to buy AoE2 DE until 1-2 weeks ago. So i do not know how many bugs the game had when released, or what the experience was like when the game was released. However, AoE2 DE is still much better than the original. Also it is quite difficult to find “every” single bug in a game before it was released. For example, the “apparent” difficulty with multiplayer games crashing never occured while i played AoE2 DE, especially when i was playing (4 for days straight - and i even streamed myseslf playing), just before the game officially launched. Also, the apparent “wall clipping” type bug where your units could go through a wall at the corner? I never experienced or even heard of until after the Beta.

Simply put, the increase in the number of “total players”, increases the number chances one mgiht have have, when encountering a potential bug.


If the graphics are better then the original, doesnt mean it is worth it. The original graphics are still very decent today, and i believe they make it hd or something, so the changes will be way smaller then compared to AoE I and II De. And this is not nescisarly a problem, but if it is going to be the main feature like in AoE I, it isn’t going to sell much.

AoE1 DE 2DE were well worth the wait and money, I’ll be buying AoE3DE too - thanks!


You know that is like saying that one supports EA because they have bought Star Wars BattleFront 1 (2015) and 2 (2017), rather than the fact, that EA is the only one making Star Wars games right now, which people want to play.

People like to play Star Wars games, and especially to be Jedi, the publisher/developer has nothing to do with it, nor does “supporting” them have anything to do with it. People wil simply buy AoE3 DE and even AoE 4, if the game is actually “good”. If purchasing the game offers more to those who already have the original, like myself, or to those interested in playing it, yet never got the chance to when they were younger, then the only thing that one will consider is a cost/benefit analysis, or rather, whether or not purchasing the game, would be good value for the amount spent on it. :smiley:

So long as “most” other players do not experience any major bugs. or any constantly or repeatedly, then most players simply will not care for such things. It all comes down to a cost/benefit analysis.

Of course, the developers and publishers should still focus on releasing a game “not just” in a working state, but in as pristine a state, as possible. :smiley:


Your degree of entitlement is staggering. :confounded: Restoring and supporting an old codebase ios not easy, and virtually all of us would rather they attempt it and support this old favourite than the alternative – conclude that it’s too difficult and abandon it altogether

FE + MS have done an incredible job of revitalising and improving an old classic and continuing to provide content, support and fixes periodically since release. This is how a remaster should be done and it’s incredible value for money compared to any other – particularly blizz’s warcraft 3. if you don’t like it don’t buy it and just leave the community, i am very happy with the hardwork and dedication so far and optimistic for its future.


I am not sure as to exactly who you are referring to?

Also, NEVER say “if you don’t like it don’t buy it and just leave the community,”. It is the most condescending and illogical argument one can make. Especiall the “if you don’t like it don’t buy it”, which 100% remind myself of when EA declared for Battlefield 5 “if you don’t like it don’t buy it”. Of course, then people just “did not buy it”, and the game sold terribly.

Not to mention that such a statement belittles and trivializes a persons complaints.

You also have no right to tell ANYONE that they should not be a part of a community. That is not a decision for you to make, nor even to suggest.