Wide Screen Monitors GUI improvement suggestion

Heya! I’m running a Samsung G9 Odysee, and it has a resolution of 5120 x 1440, which is great - however, the menu, resources, mini map etc, are all at the very far side of the screen.

If the aspects of the GUI were moveable, or even dragable along the edge, it’d be such a huge improvement for wide screen gamers as ya snap ya neck somedays looking back and forward between minimap and resources haha

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I have an unrelated question for you. Do you have HDR on and if yes does the brightness slider work for you?

hey Tahska, the slider does work, by default it’s at 100, and when it is, then anything that’s shiny, is quite intensely glaring. moving the slider left, as far as i can, before the moment the two halves become separate colours, seems to solve that. the program I use to screenshot (Lightshot) - seems to cause the game to go completely bright when attempting to screenshot if HDR is active.

(Attached Example)

The slider is about this far across for it to be ‘right’ for me.

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That would be awesome.
I would place the minimap in the middle and make it bigger (also would be really good the option to scale it’s size individually).

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if you dont mind can you take a photo with your phone instead so the HDR slider thing is visible…

Sure boss, will do now.

The set up (2x G9’s xD)

Before sliding and finding the sweet spot

After sliding and finding the sweet spot

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beautiful man! thanks a lot