Will AGE IV have the same features as AGE III?

I was wondering if the game would have the features of AGE III in this new game or if it would just replicate II?

I just tried the beta of AGE IV for info, but I still prefer the mechanics of AGE III.


There are things that they share with aoe 3.
Such as landmarks being built to age up and batch production.


I haven’t seen any unit get batch production, where does that happen?

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AoE3 had many nice features, the one I hope they don’t bring back is the deck of cards system. Good riddance.


Its usually paired with certain building bonuses.

No, it doesn’t have the features that AoEIII has. It has way less.
And you’re right when saying that the game largely replicates AoEII. Which is one of the reasons that it feels dull and outdated.


It must have been more complex than AOE-3. Fear did not let the game be more daring and innovative.

Holy Roman Empire has batch creation at a landmark (a barracks that can create 5 units at a time) English can also make batch armies of mixed units in the late game.

It seems like this game is more of a reboot than a sequel, taking the most recognizable elements from the previous game and rolling them all together. When you approach it like that it makes a lot of sense and looks a lot better.


Thats why I like it so much I guess

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More complex does not always equal “more better”

… And simpler either.

Age of empires 4 is a faild replica of age of empire 2.

We can put units on wall.

Buildings and units still can see all around them at 360°.( i am still trying to figure how a wall can see)

You feed units one time and they never need to eat again.

One paid, objects and buildings do not require maintenance.

If you hamer the land, buildings still magicaly assemble and self fix… but you do not need to hamer siege weapons, since some magic golden people do it.

There are magic road and flat painted art, that apear around building… scary…

Siege weapons fire and reaload by it self…

Wooden wall still fall in a few hit and take years to build…

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Very good to know, thanks a lot! I’ll have to check that out. I didn’t notice it late game with the English and haven’t built on landmarks yet.

Lmao wtf are you proposing. Your entire base should be in fog besides the villagers?
This is not how any Aoe works. Or RTS for that matter.

God everything you are proposing has never been in any Aoe game. Play something like stronghold crusader or Anno.


I would consider AOE3 features are better due to its countering system, card/shipment to make the game tactical diversity.


I would add decks but without crates or units. People (aoe2 players most) didnt like it cause you can get 6 units magicaly or age up very fast, attacking in few minutes.
I would add it with techs, lategame units and buildings. Obviously with less than 25 cards

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