Will Age of Empires DE fail?

I feel like Microsoft is still going the same course in their Aoe politics. They invest little and try to get some money out of the title by releasing more or less succesfull remakes. As the new Aoe 1 remake is rumored to be fixed to win10 and xBox while only being purchasable from the microsoft shop, which has no community at all, I assume and I worry that Aoe DE will eventually fail. What do you think?

No. I feel Microsoft will eventually release Age of Empires: Definitive Edition on Steam even if they aren’t announcing it right now. There are Xbox LIVE enabled games in the Steam store.

AoEDE will not be released on Xbox, it’s PC-only.

Well, what do you mean by fail? I agree with @rhrmn here - my gut tells me this will be a WinStore exclusive, but only for a limited time, to attract new customers. It simply wouldn’t make any sense to cut themselves out of a market as gigantic as Steam. Honestly, I don’t think the Windows Store will kill the game - it’s survived just fine for 20 years through many programs and work-arounds, still being played on GameRanger, Voobly, etc. If anything, the matchmaking and Xbox functionality will revive it, at least with the existing community. There’s nowhere to go but up, I feel.

I feel this is going to work, even if Microsoft looks at this from a commercial perspective. There is a good fan base, not only from AOE 1, so no worries there. With the modern way of spreading news I believe a lot of people will know of this remake, and if the price is right they will definitely try this and by all means like this :smiley:

Yes if it stays a windows store exclusive it probably will fail, even if the game itself is done proerply which is also an uncertainty.
Lots of people will know about the remake sure, but lots of people already know the windows store and UWP is bad for gamers with its controlled and locked down environment.

I believe that real fan of the first game that is interested in it doesn’t really care about the platform. I for myself is a big steam user and i buy my games on this platform when possible. If there was the choice for AOE DE i’ll buy it on steam too. But really, i loved this game so much, and i still do that no matter where it is i will buy it, and i am sure alot of ppl will do.

Now still there is something bad in this move, even if the veteran of aoe 1 and other aoe series enthusiast will hear of this game, i believe it will reach less people than having the game on multiple platform.

It’s like a streamer starting on Hitbox.

Conclusion i am a bit mixed, though i believe that bringing back a part of the old community is already a win, at least for us.

I do not think so.
There are currently few RTS old style looked after in all points of view like AoE.
The hope is that it can bring a new life to the category

I didnt think.
That what we hear and what we see is good and its a good chance to bring RTS to the future.

Depends on what your definition for “fail” is. I’m pretty sure it will make money for MS, improving some graphics and a few gameplay quirks here and there is significantly cheaper than a rewrite and I think there’s enough interest to make back that money.

Will it be an actual big thing? I very much doubt it. I guess it would probably be similar to the AOM playerbase in size.

It will probably be bigger, the bad quality of the AoMEE version decimated the playerbase.
A bigger one is still available for DE, the only question is what ill the damage be from the windows store (no doubt there will be damage) , and the quality of DE.

My will it fail is probably rather harsh, more correct would be that it will not reach its full potential on the windows store.

I see no reason why it should IMO.
I think they “nailed” it with graphics and art style, and that alone is the reason for people to buy the game.
Some are complaining about being only on Windows store, but seriously if it turns out to be a bad option, I see no reason why Microsoft wouldn’t put it on othet platforms as well.
So, no.


I hope it does well.

But so many people don’t buy from Windows Store so it needs a physical version and Steam release to fully succeed :slight_smile:

Yes, if they launch with half a game as far as features for PvP and co-op.
Yes, if they do not launch on steam.

But I vote ‘no’ because I really think and hope they will do these things.

I voted no, because bringing back an old dusty yet a legendary game like AoE 1 is definitely the right move from their side. Specially with upgraded engine, tiles and AI movement. Also i hope they will add in a new variation of Civilizations and maps like they did on AoE 2 with the 2 DLC’s.

However i am skeptic on the whole “only on MS Store” feature. As we all know, AoE 2 HD and it’s DLC’s are only populare due to steam, but that makes it completely different for MP.

No, because i believe they have learned their mistakes in AoE 2 - AoE 3 - AoM. So my hopes for this bringing inn say Co-Op and MP Co-op or somthing in that area. Is slightly higher now then ever. But as you all know, it’s M$ after all lol.

I am trying to figure out what’s so bad about the Windows store. I have Gears, Quantum Break, Dead Rising 4, and Halo Wars 2… all play flawlessly on my PC (and on my Xbox One which I never play).

@Dvlos said:
I am trying to figure out what’s so bad about the Windows store. I have Gears, Quantum Break, Dead Rising 4, and Halo Wars 2… all play flawlessly on my PC (and on my Xbox One which I never play).

It’s not that there is something wrong with the store, it’s just like if you have an apple farm and instead of selling your apples at the huge grocery store chain you sell them at a little stand in front of your barn.

Edit: Also those games are available on steam as well.

If they will carefully listen to the feedback that the future betatesters will give, fixing every major flaw of the game before its release, the DE won’t fail. I also think that the initial period on Windows Store only will create the conditions to test the multiplayer properly, before they do a major release on the other platforms.

I think asking the question of “Will it fail?” is a pretty pessimistic start, though maybe unintentional. I like the question “Will it succeed?” better lol.

Ultimately, I feel it’s success or failure will be decided on feedback coming NOW and during the Beta testing. What kind of feedback we provide, and what they choose to listen to.

I don’t know jack squat about Steam… but I hardly blame them for wanting to make the game exclusive to the MS store upon release. Lots of companies do that in an effort to sway new customers. Go to the gas station to buy gas, and you leave also buying milk, eggs, beer, and chips. That’s exactly what they’re doing here I feel. After a while I don’t doubt that they will open it up so that you can buy the “gas” somewhere else as well. As long as they don’t let it go too long it should be fine.

(I know the gas station analogy isn’t perfect, but I’m not wasting time on my lunch break coming up with a better one lol)