Will Age of Empires Online Get a Reboot

Age of Empires Online (shut down in 2014) deserves a second life, Is anyone from Microsoft looking at rebooting the game, or creating something similar to it. (AOE Castle Siege doesn’t count)

It has a second life already and I’m sure at a certain point MS will pickup the development done.

I was doubting between an agree or lol. The latter in particular concerning your remark about CS. I think it’s okay at the moment some other guys are developing this further now. And I have been very sceptic about that in the beginning. Also I admire the people behind it who are doing this for free in their spare time.

probably not. Sorry :frowning:

@CoolestGaia They said the same about AOE. B)

@CoolestGaia said:
probably not. Sorry :frowning:

Nobody knows , now the users are playing Project Celeste and playing AoEO by their own.

Microsoft made the choice to pull the plug on this online game because when they had finally finished changing the game to make it exactly how it should be, It was already to late by then. The playerbase had almost entirely abandoned the game leaving only the original crew of 20 people always online during peak hour.

and its hard to keep an argument over. The logic makes sense, Why continue paying for a free server for a game that nobodys interested in anymore?

It’s not really hard to figure out why microsoft decided to pull the pin on age of empires online.


to put it simply, No

There will never be a reboot by microsoft for that game. Doesn’t mean Fans wont go start up their own little project to reboot the game though

ALSO, Asking about age of empires online… In a age of empires definitive edition BETA… is extremely stupid. Like… you could’ve gone somewere else to ask about that game and go off topic.