Will AoE 2: DE be a complete edition?

Since AoE2 was released on Steam as the HD Edition and got 3 additonal seperate DLC’s (which are also the newest content we got for Age of Empires in general)
I think about the release of the DE edition.
Will the DLC’s be included?
Will the Price drop if you already have the base game or will it even be cheaper for every additional DLC you bought before the release?

I’m really interested in your ideas to settle the possible conflicts between the people who bought the game and the DLC’s before the release and the devs beforehand.

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As far as I know all current DLC will be included with AOE II DE. Price is not known yet, but it’s estimated to be around 20 dollar too, 30 would be a fair price too imho. At this moment you can already buy the Full HD edition inclusive all DLC at Steam for 19 dollars and sometimes even cheaper when they have a summer or winter sale. I don’t see any possible conflicts except maybe the lack of cross play between AOE II HD and AOE II DE editions.


Microsoft should have a kind of loyalty program!
I have bought Age of Empires 2 and the conquerors in cd version and in digital version in Steam.
I believe for people who all ready have the HD version and the new expansions, they must have a discount in DE as a loyalty bonus!


They have already. But franchise season passes for all available online platforms and hardware would be nice though. I see that as new market and knowledge opportunity.

In Greece they don’t apply…

Well, with todays price-policy and customers reaction to having to buy the same content again like with Borderlands, I can see some users becoming angry when they have to be the complete AoE 2 DE edition for the same price as others who haven’t bought the DLCs for HD.

That’s because most DLC’s were developed at that time by partly independent developers while MS of course still hold the licensing part of all created in-game content. Now they are remastering all the artwork to 4K and make the in-game content suitable to play on higher resolutions. With newer engines they might even enter VR and 3D with the AOE franchise. There is a price to pay for all of that. Let it be clear and no misunderstanding that they didn’t decide for nothing to take back control again over the whole franchise after 20 years and their decision for revival of the Age of Empires franchise.

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Yeah, I understand all of that and would pay even 50€ for this new version. Just to be clear I’m willing to pay the value of these new features. It’s only about the discount you may or may not get when you already bought the base/game the dlcs.


More likely they will put additional discounts on the older versions which is good for people on older hardware and want te be able to play these games too. I have played all Sierra King’s Quest versions too but never got any discount on them over time. For repurchases at Steam it works the same way.

I read somewhere about 4 new civilisation for AOE II DE. So there might be more good reasons to get into the DE version, yet there will always be a market for the old versions too. Like people who are stuck on older hardware and OS.

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Hmm, based on AOE 2 HD + DLCs price being 50 euros (20 for base game and 10 for each DLC), the AOE 2 DE price would maybe also be 50 euros and possibly with discount of half price for owned AOE 2 HD + DLCs?

50 euros for whole AOE 2 base gameplay, all DLC-s (ridiculous amount of civilizations and campaigns), excellent (hope so!) graphics and sound seems reasonable. But it would be weird if those who already bought DLC-s, would have to basically pay for them again as part of DE.

If player has AOE 2 HD + Forgotten Empires DLC, he would have (20+10)/2 = 15 discount. So AOE 2 DE would cost him 50-15 = 35 euros.
If player has AOE 2 HD + 3 DLCs, he would have (20+10+10+10)/2 = 25 discount. So AOE 2 DE would cost him 50-25 = 25 euros.

Seems reasonable to me.


Well that’s what I call a great Idea!

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My calculator gives a different total amount. Through G2A it would be € 27,30 for AOE II HD Edition + The Forgotten (DLC) + The African Kingdoms (DLC). And that’s without Steam summer or winter sale out discounts. Or did I miss some DLC for AOE II HD? :thinking:

And I forgot Rise of the Rajas DLC indeed. So that would be around € 37,- at the moment.

That G2A uses some interesting scheme to lower their prices. I don’t really know about it. I also did not take sales or bundle discounts into account.
On Steam store page AOE 2 HD + DLC-s is currently exactly 19.99 + 8.99 + 9.99 + 9.99 = 48.96 euros for me.

But maybe because AOE 2 HD + DLC-s has been sold with huge 75-80% discounts on sales lately, 50% discount for them to DE price might be too generous.

I bought the Age Of Empires Legacy Bundle end of 2016 at a Steam winter sale. At that time it included complete AOE II HD and AOE III with all DLC. That was around € 90,- if remember correctly.