Will AoE 4 get more civs in the future?

I wonder if the devs plan to add new civs and campaigns to AoE 4 in the future.
If so, in what form will they be issued?


Adding new civ and campaign is easy, the hard part is finding new game mechanics/features that would make the civ or campaign unique and fun to play


I doubt it would be easy for AoE 4.
I think AoE 4 should represent groups of nations as civs, so as not to divide the problem like AoE 2 has, to which civs can be added low (no condition of what can be civ and what not).

Almost 100% confirmed and they will be in DLC form and not in microtransaction form. So I would expect expansion packs with new civs and campaigns.


I reckon additional, post-launch civilisations are almost guaranteed. If the game does really well then I imagine we’ll get a fair amount. Asymmetric civs and balancing is the hurdle but it’s also the most interesting in my opinion.

I just hope that they won’t go for the obvious immediate ones and be willing to venture outside of Europe.


Yes, DLCs are a pretty profitable formula and there’s a lot of potential for new civs in AoE IV, so you can expect it. I don’t know how many civs will we get, but at least classic ones like byzantines or turks, or New World-themed ones like spanish, aztecs, incas or mayans are kinda probable shots imo.


They should first try, to name the previous 8 peoples historically mostly correct, before they think about even more peoples. But i always like to see more people, but they have to be in a context and not be taken out of thin air.

As bad as the game looks now, you can not think of any more civilizations.

They still have to improve a lot, otherwise the game will flop massively.

that seems to be a somewhat Spread opinion. I dont think its widely spread though. The game already looked very good apart from unit and arrow scales, and unit models. Since this is an RTS usually palyed top down, there is no big issue with that.
So no, the game wont flop massively just because of that.

The game will not just flop because this, you are right. But is one of several main reasons. I related the massive flopp not only to the wrong choice of civilization names, rather on his second sentence, based to the whole game.

yeah, I just skimmed your feedback post, you seem to have quite a negative view upon what they showed. However there is more than your personal view, and MS is a company which ceertainly knows how to read their playerbase, So i trust most decisions they made should have positive feedback rather than negative.
IF the game flops, it may be because its priced too expensive compared to the VERY contentfilled Age 2 DE or very special Age 3 DE.

But I doubt it will flop and I assume we will see enough sales to get DLC :wink:


Is it not not just my opinion, many people have a bad opinion about the current state of the game. If you read the reviews on the internet carefully, you will recognize it. Microsoft can also be wrong sometimes. And exactly in this case, i think, they will be wrong. I would also like to have it would be other and better. But let us see, how it comes, remains to be seen :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wouldn’t write AoE4 off just yet. According to a follow-up on criticisms such as arrow sizes, for example, we were told that the build they had shown off was several months old at that point and the arrow sizes were turned down a bit - not a great start since then people will point out these issues and will be turned off but it was probably the most stable build. I’m still on the fence about the graphical style myself, infantry and elephants in particular just feel off to me.

Let’s take a look at AoE3:DE. A rather poor launch with poor reviews. Post-release has since many patches and those reviews which were bordering on the negative-mixed spectrum have now turned into a positive-mostly positive change. Of course, player numbers are also indicative of a game’s health and aside from the initial launch period, it is nowhere near dethroning AoE2 anytime soon. However, with the release of the US civ, player numbers have increased so it shows that people are interested in staying … so long as there’s additional content being offered. I admit though, that this isn’t a great comparison since one is a brand new game and the other is a remaster with additional content. It would be horrible if a brand new attempt flopped immediately.

In short, I believe AoE4 will go through a similar phase. It would be unfortunate if it goes the way of AoE1DE. Untouched by the devs but the few voices who ask for extra content to keep the game going.


tbh, I know thats not just your opinion, I also know there are multiple reviews/reactions whcih are negative. However 1) negative comments are more often written and given than positive ones and
2) I think there were at least equally as much positive reactions.

In my opinion, the gameplay and proce will decide wheter or not it will be successful. and since it will be part of the gamepass, I assume (as all MS titels) the price is around 0 for many players.

Regarding most arguments given online for why the game will fail or is bad, it can be said thet while ppl do dislike these things, in my experience it wont stop many from buying the games.

Great example (if you know a bit about it) would be the siwtch pokemon games, sword and shield. MANY MANY ppl complained, mostly about graphics and the game seemingly incomplete (both of which I personally disagree with). And That were MANY more negatives than regarding age IV. Yet the sales of the games were amazing :slight_smile:
So even if most ppl would dislike what tehy saw, i guess at least 30% will still get it. therefore I am optimistic regarding Age 4 as it seems to be well priced for gamepass, and not broken from gameplay perspective (yet. will see in the Beta ;))

I think it will have a lot of expansions and dlc


and not broken civs for the competitive. Add civs is not difficult. Stabilize the metagame is really difficult

I was actually discussing this in the AoE discord today and yesterday. It’s going to be hard if they want to maintain an element of uniqueness between Civilizations and the asymmetry. I would like to see more but I don’t want the civilizations to feel too samey

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I think the AoE 4 should have umbrella civs and has a chance of doing them really well. You’ll agree that umbrellas in AoE 2 are hopeless. 1-3 Unique Units will not make any civ really special.

In my opinion, it will finally be possible to create interesting umbrellas. I think you can even try regional civs, for example:

  1. The already famous English civ could represent the entire British Isles
  2. Iberians - a combination of Portuguese and Spanish
  3. Franks - a combination of French and Dutch
  4. Byzantines - a combination of Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians and Caucasians.
  5. Italians - a combination of Italians and Sicilians
  6. Holy Empire - a combination of Germans and Czechs
  7. Vikings - a combination of Scandinavians
  8. Carpathians - a combination of Hungarians, Romanians and Croatians
  9. Polish-Lithuanian Union - a combination of Poles and Balts
  10. Rus - a combination of Ruthenians and Finno-Ugric peoples

10 European civs - no more, no less

Besides, you can safely add civs from other regions of the world, for example:

  • Ethiopians
  • Arabs
  • Songhai
  • Somalis
  • Berbers
  • Congolese
  • Mayans
  • Aztecs
  • Incas
  • Polynesians
  • Burmese
  • Siamese
  • Persians
  • Koreans
  • Vijayanagara
  • e.t.c

You can also adopt a policy - each region of the world will have 10 civs


I would say Balancing is the cruel part of any RTS game

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this is awesome!! looking forward!