Will AoE3DE get a roadmap?

Because of https://twitter.com/AgeOfEmpires/status/1542241227424337920?t=TOiqR_zvEY1WBvWyveNW9g&s=19 as AoE4 too well.

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Would be nice to be fair.


If AoE3 gets a roadmap it won’t be as vague as the one AoE2 has…


They didn’t released any What’s in the Horizon? In the last patch notes, probably because there isn’t much to show, probably to soon to expect a new civ.

What can we expect probably?

  • Haudenosaunee tribal council customizations.
  • Other explorers civs skins (at least 9 are left IRC) and events, balance patches and bugfixes.
  • More maps

What can we reasonably expect?

  • One round of reworks of the remaining old civs

What could happen?

  • More 1/2 civs DLCs. Except African Royals, all the civs that had been done had reused assets (European and Excolonies civs)

What probably won’t happen

  • Full new campaings

My guess is that they have something like this internally for sure. You sort of have to have a plan for the short-term future to develop like this. Will we see it? If we ever did, it’d still be vague like this one from Age 2. Why? Devs like to give themselves room to breathe. Anything they put out gets taken as gospel by the community, and unbreakable vow. So, if priorities change or bugs come up or something just doesn’t pan out in playtesting, they want to be able to do what they need to without being accused by players of lying to them or building false hype. Never make a promise you can’t keep; and the corollary: be aware of what others consider a promise.

As others have said, we knew the Sioux/Lakota and Iroquois/Haud home cities were on the way. We know there are going to be continued bug fixes and balance patches. The British and Spanish reworks give a good indication that other Euro civs are slated for similar review and modernization. And we know they fund all of this work which is delivered without charge with DLC. So, likely they’ve got a list of new civs they’re considering.


I just want a rethinking of multiplayer UI


I would love to know when the Ports update is happening. Its literally the only thing keeping me around at the moment.


Oh boy, now every one wants a roadmap :rofl:

The mosr important thing abour the AoE2 roadmap isn’t found in the specifics of the roadmap, but in the existence of the roadmap itself. It communicates “we’re continuing to invest in the long-term future of this game.” To the best of my knowledge, KotM was received well and made good sales numbers, so i don’t have any reason to believe they wouldn’t support AoE3, but it’ll be nice to hear from the devs that there are long-term plans and investments for the game.


I say Roadmap or RIOT!

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I’ve been happy with the communication from the devs, so no riot from me. I don’t need to look at a 6 month plan.


No need to, but it would’ve been nice


I don’t understand the desire for a roadmap. The AoE2 roadmap was hardly informative with anything substantial, but merely was a device to generate hype by taking advantage of its vague phrasing. As it seems to me, such roadmaps offer nothing substantive to the community about what future plans are.


And I don’t understand why complain and be against something that they literally have over their office written on their blackboard just because someone expressed their desire of knowing a general direction. Which is literally phrases with an estimated/desired time.

It’s not a big deal. If they don’t want to, so it’s fine. I just feel the community nitpicks a lot for the most random reasons as possible.

The current UI needs an overhaul as soon as possible. If they add a way to know when my friends are online/offline it would improve the multiplayer experience by miles.

I don’t mind if it’s vague or specific: It would be nice having a general look into the future and be able to share, track, suggest and inform the devs of bugs, suggestions and informations along their immediate goals. I always feel that communication is a key to improve any relation between people or company-clients.
It was nice knowing that Haud and Lakota were being worked on. People started giving feedback and discuss a lot in the forums! It paid off!