Will AoE4 have the classic AoE intros?

AoE 1 Intro
AoE2 “Chess” Intro
AoE 3 Intro

I think these Intros are an integral part of Age games that invoke a lot of nostalgia amongst aoe2 and aoe3 players. I was disappointed when aoe2 de did not ship with a remastered version of the old intro, I think it was a missed opportunity.
I know that the Devs have a lot on their plate right now and that this is a minor request so I don’t expect the game to launch with an intro but I would love if they add an intro in a future update.


No, the game´s lack of love and inspiration makes it impossible to think in any kind of animation… they even decided to do documentaries instead of animations. Dont expect anything innovative or inspired like in AoE previous games. They had an easy to do work but ended doing all the bad things you would never imagine lol

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Love them, hope AOE4 has any kind of intro.

One of my favorite intros is AOM:


since they removed the age 2 chess intro with the DE, and generally intros are nearly nowhere to be found in modern games, I doubt it.

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woah, seems like someone there really got on your bad side :smiley: