Will AOE4 have the same zoom option seen in Total War games?


Looking at this article, There’s a recente rumor about a specific zoom option in AOE4 and It seems similar to Total War or Supreme Commander.

This Is the part of interest
" On the other hand, the rumor recently emerged Age of Empires IV will turn on the zoom option , which would increase the immersion of players during their campaigns and serve to admire the work Relic has done, which is said to have worked hard on the details of characters and scripts"

Did you see this rumor before? Any source about this?

If true, It could mean that AOE4 Will be moved by an incredibile graphic engine

pure speculation. The original article is based in many rumors.

They upgraded their 3d engine in 2015-2016. So it is possible that they added features based on feedback from fans. Who knows… Hopefully gamescom 2019 will bring us some news.